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  1. Fishing boats become citizen science data platforms
  2. Scottish entries in fish and chip shop contest unveiled
  3. Two important reefs could be placed off limits to fishermen
  4. Fraserburgh fish initiative lauded
  5. Castletownbere to build on landings success
  6. €5m safety windfall
  7. Big rise in Iceland fish catch values
  8. Cross-party fisheries alliance sought
  9. Chips are down
  10. Setting the standard
  11. Barents haddock quota to rise next year
  12. Major Q2 boost for Norwegian fishing company
  13. Facebook page for North Sea bad fastners & objects
  14. Fleetwood's last trawlerman laments the loss of an industry
  15. Oyster herpes outbreak confirmed in River Roach in Essex
  16. Coveney rounds on lobster mobsters
  17. Scots fish trucks stopped and cargo destroyed as French farmers protest
  18. Pelagic giant set for launch
  19. Plans for wild salmon coastal net catching ban
  20. Fishing boats in collision at sea off Isle of Lewis
  21. Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson – Isn’t a Captain at all
  22. Cornwall shellfish farms re-open after E.coli fear
  23. Fishing fatalities double
  24. Scots fish ruined by Chunnel delays
  25. Room for improvement in fishmeal stocks
  26. Upskilling courses highlight of World Seafood Congress
  27. Hopes of saving some Young’s Scottish jobs
  28. Fishing Vessel Losses Top U.K. Accident Statistics
  29. Seafish backs ethical agenda
  30. Norway hails new seafood deal with EU
  31. Warning about Sea Shepherd
  32. Anglesey fisherman fuming after £400 lobster catch stolen
  33. Skegness mascot Jolly Fisherman 'should be replaced by fish'
  34. Fishermen rescued after boat sinks off County Down coast
  35. Fishing industry warning over Channel ports disruption
  36. Mackerel capture filmed
  37. Guernsey fishermen banned from EU and UK waters
  38. Lerwick landings slump
  39. MSC uptake rockets in schools
  40. All the gear: good idea
  41. Young’s continues talks on saving Scottish jobs
  42. Watch for catches in casting vote in EU referendum
  43. Scots fishermen deserve credit for protecting cod
  44. Fisherman swims ashore after falling off boat near Boddam
  45. Wild Atlantic seafood trail launched
  46. Young’s announces restructure – and head of frozen business quits
  47. MAIB accident stats show fishermen need to take advantage of SeaFish training
  48. Seafood producers in talks over Calais Channel delays
  49. Scots seek to block Norwegian access
  50. Export stress continues
  51. International flavour for Grimsby event
  52. Seafish and British Ports working on new seafood plan
  53. The new Westward Isle & Colmcille arriving home to Killybegs
  54. Guernsey's lack of fishing quotas 'nonsensical'
  55. Seafood legislation under microscope at congress
  56. Scottish fish exporters ‘need urgent help’
  57. Plan for seafood businesses to get flying fish solution to Calais crisis
  58. Hope for Chunnel exports
  59. Fish 'evolving to avoid trawler nets' by swimming faster
  60. Guernsey's chief minister calls for UK government support over fishing ban
  61. Good month for Norwegian exports
  62. Five countries sign Arctic agreement
  63. Conversion of the Margarite Marie Ex Wooden Trawler to Liveaboard Home
  64. Ireland sets out fisheries priorities
  65. Fish and chip trip targets London
  66. SFF calls for study into impact of MPA measures on fishing communities
  67. Greenpeace Co-Founder Reveals the ‘Rigid,Backwards Thinking’ That Caused Him to Leave
  68. Guernsey fishermen 'urged to band together'
  69. RNLI stresses need for new Fraserburgh pontoon
  70. Plymouth chippie tops MSC table
  71. Current affairs
  72. Iceland mackerel season in full swing
  73. Faroese premier defends whaling policy
  74. Focus on ethics at seafood congress
  75. Galway Bay under the spotlight
  76. Cocklers left in limbo
  77. Scots start Brussels countdown
  78. Cash to secure future of Youngs Seafood in Grimsby
  79. Young’s frozen out of Nomad deal
  80. Shellfish bed in Grouville Bay gets E.coli all-clear
  81. Inshore inspiration needed
  82. Steam Drifter reference books
  83. The bald truth
  84. Hope for salmon processing sites
  85. Courses launched for fishing execs
  86. Search for man overboard off Aberdeen suspended
  87. Funding secured for fish net trials ahead of EU ban on discards
  88. Jersey fishermen bass catch restriction proposed
  89. Guernsey fishing ban 'war of words' continues
  90. Scots seafood looks east
  91. UK certifier sets sights on French sector
  92. Consumer trends to be revealed at Grimsby
  93. Big fish and big catches off Iceland
  94. Loss of two inshore boats from South Gare...
  95. RIP Martin Howley
  96. News channels breached sponsorship rules, Ofcom says
  97. Queenie festival 2015 a 'celebration of the sea'
  98. Bournemouth show filling up
  99. Defra urged to get its skates on
  100. Guernsey fishing ban in EU waters 'temporarily lifted'
  101. Cornish back alternative species campaign
  102. Marine mammals thriving in Thames
  103. Search to uncover Grimsby trawler WW1 shipwrecks
  104. Scots fear Grimsby bailout implications
  105. Scottish firms showcase seafood in Japan
  106. Shetland industry and scientists work together on stocks
  107. Chinese ban imposed on 'contaminated' Anglesey crabs
  108. Processing innovations to be revealed at show
  109. Dungeness lifeboat tasked to French fishing vessel taking on water
  110. Five crew rescued as St Apollo sinks in Sound of Mull
  111. Dredging company fined £40,000 for unlicensed deposits
  112. Replacing Guernsey fisheries vessel to cost £2.6m
  113. Countdown to Seafood Week
  114. Southwest bluefin warning
  115. Processing technology innovations revealed
  116. Scotland challenges £1.34m aid to Young’s in Grimsby
  117. Fish craft championships return to Grimsby
  118. Two fishermen airlifted from Killybegs.
  119. Pelagic vessel gains 8m
  120. Icelandic catch value down 11%
  121. €854 million in EU handouts
  122. Raised tensions after Spanish officials fire shots towards Gibraltarian fishing boat
  123. Studland Bay undulate rays footage is found in Dorset
  124. How to cash in on fisheries funding
  125. ‘Rogue’ Guernsey under fire in quota row
  126. Two fishermen rescued by Peterhead lifeboat near Cruden Bay
  127. Steam engine begins epic journey to Dorset fair
  128. Three vessels certified 'responsible'
  129. Trap trials completed in Shetland
  130. Armstrong warns over depth limit for trawlers
  131. Deaths of seamen go online
  132. Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd criminal
  133. All eyes on the Arctic
  134. Shellfish on Skipper agenda
  135. By George! He’s Britain’s youngest fish champ
  136. Sea Shepherd vessel seized at Lerwick
  137. Chippie shortlist announced
  138. Report could settle angling vs fishing debate
  139. Gastro range expands
  140. Irish company to expand novel seafood bars
  141. Shetland Study finds one in five jobs depend on seafood
  142. Scottish fish landings rise by a third
  143. Christmas delivery for Icelandic firm
  144. Baltic plaice hit MSY target
  145. Seals threaten UK cod stocks
  146. Mackerel price hike predicted
  147. Fishermen wary of stats
  148. Benthic community response to scallop dredging closure within dynamic seabed habitat
  149. Swinney opens new £10m port in Hebrides
  150. Mussel dredger aided by RNLI
  151. Advisory panel line-up revealed
  152. Grimsby prepares to stage its biggest ever seafood show
  153. Double boost for Norwegian white fish exports
  154. Scotlands food and drink turnover hits record high
  155. Commons clash over aid to Young’s Seafood
  156. Cove harbour facing legal action threat
  157. Trawler fined for inshore incursion
  158. MPA dredgers pay the price
  159. Man on a Mission
  160. Fisherman missing off NW Mayo coast.
  161. Young’s host supplier event
  162. Tackling ghost gear
  163. Boatbuilder steps down after half century
  164. Labour's new agriculture and fisheries minister.....
  165. Hartlepool fisherman caught Dutch woman’s wallet in net and sent it back to owner
  166. Fishing industry’s contribution to Shetland economy highlighted
  167. More green bullshit I'm afraid
  168. Cod aplenty, but saithe elusive off Iceland
  169. Jersey ban proposed to protect shellfish
  170. Herring quota lasts only a week
  171. Solid whitefish landings
  172. Seals savaging fish stocks off Whitby
  173. Young’s boss warns of Scottish tax rates
  174. Young ’mongers make ready
  175. Dee estuary Cockle beds reopen for eight weeks after closure
  176. Eels on wheels
  177. Vessel caught illegal fishing
  178. Solid summer for pelagic processor
  179. Young's Seafood:650 jobs to go as factories remain open
  180. Inshore conference approaches
  181. Fishery boasts minimal footprint
  182. Get on board with seafood campaign
  183. EU policy put to the sword
  184. Cameron has a chance to make it up to fishermen
  185. North Sea cod back on the menu, marine body says
  186. Europeche accuses WWF of distorting figures
  187. Guernsey States asked to rethink Leopardess £2.6m replacement
  188. Chefs join seafood initiative
  189. Fish brand lands place on "cool" list
  190. Recognition for Cefas scientist
  191. Scottish ministers drop proposed ban on wild salmon killing
  192. Grimsby congress deemed a success
  193. Funky Fish range expands
  194. Letter to the editor
  195. UK’s top 10 fish and chip restaurants
  196. Sea based lobster trial gets £3m boost
  197. Atom sub wreck ‘no threat’ to fish
  198. Don’t fall for the deep-sea scaremongers
  199. Search for greatest fish pun
  200. New chief at marine insurance firm
  201. Seafood Week coming to a town near you
  202. Profits up but skippers struggle
  203. Young's Seafood:Fraserburgh recovery plan set out
  204. Good news for orkney shellfish
  205. Leopardess replacement decision delayed
  206. Rare “sofa shark” found off Hebrides
  207. Trawlermen rescued from boat fire off Fraserburgh
  208. Fisherman dies after falling overboard
  209. Successful first year for responsible sourcing initiative
  210. Award for Scots seafood exporter
  211. Fresh hope for Fraserburgh
  212. Fyne dining
  213. Debut for new door design
  214. UK’s top 10 fish and chip shops announced
  215. Young’s sets up Fraserburgh task force
  216. Fisherman rescued after passerby saw him waving white flag
  217. Steel bollard snaps and hits Fraserburgh lifeboat station
  218. SFF backs Seafood Week
  219. Canadian firm to buy Macduff Shellfish for £100m
  220. Orcadians seek PFN
  221. New chief at NFFO
  222. Inshore vessels on show
  223. Success for leading fishery
  224. Trawler burned in the Barents Sea - 19 people on board
  225. New pelagic trawler ordered for Fraserburgh
  226. Fishing boat with six onboard rescued
  227. Jersey fishermen win legal case against Guernsey fisheries
  228. Seafish under fire for levy spending
  229. MSC milestone achieved
  230. Seafood potential revealed
  231. Icelandic standard: call for comments
  232. Japanese go mad for battered haddock
  233. Icelandic Group profits on the up
  234. Quotas 'key' to Guernsey fishing solution, says Defra
  235. Ward’s words
  236. Swedish prawn first
  237. Human trafficking trial collapses after 'victim' hugs accused in dock
  238. Two large fishing trawlers detained by the Navy in Waterford Harbour
  239. Sustainable sourcing business boom
  240. Scots eye London chip trade
  241. Australian scientists claim 100 years of trawling had minimal effects on sea floor
  242. Summer-spawners prove scarce
  243. Killybegs festival first
  244. Commission to address governance gaps
  245. Quarrel over Seine scallop restrictions
  246. Fishing boat penalty
  247. Greenpeace claims on coral refuted by NOAA’s more accurate technology
  248. An Asian take on Scottish seafood
  249. Tesco delists Saucy Fish brand
  250. Drive to put megrim on the menu