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  1. New magazine launched
  2. Scotsman hooks US audience
  3. Fishing jobs pilot aimed at Aberdeenshire school-leavers
  4. Second UK skipper fined for breaching Manx fishing laws
  5. Supermarkets in sustainable seafood row
  6. Crash course in fish freshness
  7. Major salmon netting company admits flouting strict fishing laws
  8. Tern Pd 2
  9. Avrella joins the local fishing fleet
  10. VMS grants available
  11. Big year for Icelandic freezers
  12. Danish boat’s bombshell
  13. Blooms could bust Irish shellfish sector
  14. Certified chippies lead the pack
  15. Emergency scallop dredging byelaw
  16. Grey seals may be behind 'corkscrew' injuries blamed on propellers
  17. Sperm whales target fishing boats for an easy meal
  18. Norwegian exports down 8%
  19. Fishermen rescued by RNLI lifeboat after creel boat ran aground
  20. Are green and greed links a bit fishy?
  21. RNLI assists stricken trawler
  22. It's all about the bass
  23. NW England’s PFD giveaway
  24. Fish processors offered tech help
  25. Icelandic haddock and saithe recertified
  26. Ireland celebrates ocean wealth
  27. Call for CCTV in all food preparation areas
  28. Licence to kill wild salmon
  29. Biggest ever Galway Skipper Expo
  30. Cautionary fish tale from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef marine reserve
  31. Fishermen rescued from stricken vessel off Manx coast
  32. Licence to kill?
  33. Seafood sales spike predicted
  34. Trawler company orders revolutionary fish handling system
  35. Top UK chef joins Norway seafood team
  36. Fisherman dies in hospital after falling overboard from trawler
  37. Lobster fishermen welcome temporary scallop dredging ban
  38. Portuguese face US fish ban
  39. Match of the Day for Young’s Seafood
  40. Skipper jailed over Largo Bay diver death
  41. Fair haul in foul weather
  42. Warning over change in shark rules
  43. Caution for seat trout offence
  44. Students happy with seafood pilot
  45. Key markets for Scottish seafood
  46. Norfolk Girl boat search 'could be malicious hoax'
  47. Three fishermen rescued by Rosslare RNLI and fishing vessel after boat sinks
  48. Irish Navy detains two Dutch owned British registered factory trawlers
  49. Brits to storm Bergen event
  50. Havfisk posts impressive results
  51. Oily fish promotion launched
  52. Cooking fish is child’s play
  53. Minister pledges to help young fishermen
  54. World worries as jellyfish swarms swell
  55. Fishermen rescued from sinking ship near Bardsey Island
  56. Fantastic article by Cormac of the Fishing News
  57. Fish stock assessments assessed
  58. Dissertation Survey - How has EU regulation impacted the fishing fleet in your area?
  59. Scottish marine protection plan 'unambitious'
  60. PM awards £2.5 million to Fleetwood
  61. Biggest probe yet into fish and chips
  62. Seaweed chief wins entrepreneur award
  63. Seafood could overtake oil: Norway PM
  64. FAO to meet global seafood industry in Norway
  65. Rise in UK cod sales
  66. What a load of scallops
  67. Industry urged to champion #CatchofTheDay
  68. Norway trawler owners criticise “lack of research”
  69. Fishermen seek collaboration over wind farm
  70. Competition time for young fishmongers
  71. Rescue launched after trawler begins taking on water in North Sea
  72. Is Bottom Trawling Destructive? It Depends.
  73. 'Supertides' forecast for Scotland's coast
  74. The foreign workers trapped on trawlers
  75. Isle of Man scallop skipper fined £10,000 for illegal catch
  76. Police appeal over shellfish crime
  77. Contract caterer signs sustainable fish pledge
  78. Ad campaign sees Saucy sales soar
  79. New standards issued by MSC
  80. Scheme to stamp out abuse at sea
  81. The quest for Britain’s best seafood
  82. Iceland haddock and saithe re-certified
  83. Sea Shepherd shown ramming a Japanese whaler....
  84. This post shows how out of control Marine Scotland are
  85. A bit of history from the 1940's
  86. Analyst sought
  87. Trawlermen star lights up whitefish website
  88. Grimsby scenic backdrop for Young’s rebrand
  89. 'Join an association'
  90. North Shields fishing trawler nets suspected bomb off South Tyneside coast
  91. Sgt Dan Allanson: RAF winchman honoured for bravery
  92. Irish Nephrops concerns
  93. Culinary coup for Scottish seafood
  94. Annwood/Soveriegn BF380
  95. MoD accused of expanding sub test area without consultation - FALSE
  96. ASL up for a double
  97. Feedback sought on French fishery
  98. Fishermen join marine clean-up initiative
  99. Big turn-out expected at Skipper show
  100. Captain Birds Eye owner reports flat sales
  101. Earnings up at Icelandic fishing company
  102. Slight slip for Norwegian exports
  103. New whitefish sustainability standard on the cards
  104. Park seeks Scottish fish firms
  105. EU’s seafood labelling ridiculed
  106. Chippies told to step up to the plate
  107. Jobs boost as Maryport fish plant reopens
  108. 739 fisheries infringements in 2014
  109. Dutch mussel movements assessed
  110. Ireland’s €9 million seafood boost
  111. New Kirkella just sailed from Hull to Germany
  112. Trip to sunny calms of Spain for Altaire
  113. Kingfisher notice to fishermen
  114. Trawler back in business
  115. Lifeboat crew battles gale to rescue trawler as ferry passengers watch
  116. Med hake ban suggested
  117. Seafood Grimsby plans new promotional strategy
  118. Storms disrupt Iceland fishing
  119. Caledonian Canal closure after flooding breach at Cullochy
  120. It’s just a net waste to ignore fishermen
  121. New Guernsey fisheries vessel '18-month wait'
  122. Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust drop-in events
  123. Boris uses seafood platform for apprentice drive
  124. Shipyard fined after young engineer's hand pulled into machinery
  125. £1m upgrade unveiled for Teignmouth fish quay
  126. Dutch Super trawler allowed to keep £437,000 illegal mackerel haul
  127. WoRMS catalogue downsizes ocean life
  128. 'Giant lobster' ate like a whale
  129. Lords to report on future of North Sea
  130. Iceland drops EU membership bid
  131. Whitefish giant acquitted
  132. Spanish seek to scuttle pirates
  133. Venus sea trials approach
  134. Search for UK’s best seafood chef kicks off
  135. Ireland’s harbours get €17.8 million boost
  136. Irish Skipper show busiest ever
  137. How has fishing regulation impacted your area?
  138. Championing our heroes of the seas
  139. Grandi’s whaling links exposed
  140. UK fleet ‘could catch twice as much fish’
  141. Holyhead lifeboat crew rescue sinking 60 foot trawler
  142. Tagged Atlantic bluefin tuna tracked in Scottish waters
  143. Processors plea for more fish
  144. Appetite for conversation
  145. Scots make Prix d’Elite shortlist
  146. Champion the industry on Twitter
  147. Fish keeping freight airlines busy
  148. Shellfish stars align for London
  149. Expo seeks to inspire young fishermen
  150. Provost tastes catch of the Bay
  151. Norway cod price up 60 per cent
  152. Temporary dam in place at damaged Caledonian Canal weir
  153. Forage fish to star in Michelin restaurants
  154. Lobsters help lost fishermen
  155. Grimsby MP honoured
  156. Stack to back EU fishermen
  157. Three new faces at Seafish
  158. Scottish seas power economy
  159. Certification pays off for haddock industry
  160. Potted crab scoops innovation award
  161. Trawler 'may have snagged submarine'
  162. 500 vessel milestone reached by fishermen’s services company
  163. Iceland promotes new style in cod
  164. MacAlister Elliott launches fisheries certification company
  165. Innovation programme boosts Scots fish companies
  166. EU and Greenland agree fisheries deal
  167. Saucy Fish lands another US retailer
  168. Young’s named top charity fundraiser
  169. Marine litter scheme success marked in Eyemouth
  170. Charity urges implementation of CFP to preserve fish stocks
  171. Scots fish exporter targets crab market
  172. Young’s delivers birthday treat for 52 staff
  173. Trawler home with half a billion kroner voyage
  174. Trawler towed to safety by Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat
  175. UK mackerel exports 'up by 44%'
  176. Pew report under fire
  177. Five cash in on efficiency training
  178. 300 tonne herring windfall
  179. Master and Owner fined £16,647.00 for breaching scallop legislation
  180. Bass limit agreed
  181. Top gear can solve bottom problems
  182. Seafood blueprint published
  183. Pew report under fire
  184. Marine plan published
  185. Fishing order could decimate Tarbert industry
  186. BM 51 Harm Johannes.....has she left the southwest ?
  187. Lifeboat launched to help fishing boat stranded off Northumberland coast
  188. Old Aberdeen Trawler folk
  189. MAPping the way to success
  190. English make expo debut
  191. Invasive limpet concerns
  192. Irish seafood windfall
  193. Report offers inshore insights
  194. Discard inferno
  195. Marine Scotland on the defensive
  196. Seafood pub grub lands major award
  197. Seafish to take three-year plan around Britain
  198. Scots scoop Lyon’s share
  199. Baltic plan approved
  200. Will the election change anything for fishermen?
  201. Russian trawler sinks off Kamchatka with 54 dead
  202. Prawn in the USA
  203. Bury the hatchet for bass
  204. Fishstock Brixham Photo Competition (in aid of Fishermens Mission)
  205. Clamping down on recreational potting
  206. Children think haddock is a footballer
  207. Fish oil pills ‘no substitute’ for real thing
  208. ex-Arctic Ranger H155 scuttled in Antarctic
  209. Clacton fishermen rescued from £9 homemade boat
  210. Good year for Young’s
  211. Bridlington to stage summer fish festival
  212. King's Lynn cockle boat Baden Powell heads to Essex
  213. Jacobsen gains Findus role
  214. Half million tonne MSc bid
  215. Newcastle University scientists to redesign RNLI lifeboats
  216. Salmon quota 'will end' Solway Firth haaf netters
  217. Barra lifeboat crew go to aid of grounded fishing boat
  218. MPs rewarded for backing bass
  219. Cod fuel export record
  220. Farage proposes Norway style fishing policy
  221. Killer Welsh grey seal filmed eating porpoise....
  222. Stranded Fishing Boat Rescued By Tynemouth RNLI Lifeboat In All-Night Tow
  223. Trawler with two fishermen on board towed to safety by Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat
  224. Working together to protect our natural marine resources
  225. Killybegs Coast Guard assist injured fisherman
  226. Fifty years at the forefront of fishing
  227. A fresh perspective on seafood
  228. Copious WY170 Stupidity in Whitby
  229. Seaweed hits the high street
  230. Seafood firm beats Coca Cola
  231. East Anglian fishermen form fresh committee
  232. Rising prices push up cod and haddock sales
  233. 1938 docudrama set on a steam trawler
  234. Jersey States fund Guernsey fishing licence battle
  235. Global "warming" bullshit alert
  236. Devon and Cornwall fishermen haul barrel jellyfish blooms
  237. Shetland chipper heads to Japan
  238. Certification body set for Brussels launch
  239. Automated pinbone removal
  240. Peterhead bubble bursts
  241. Crew welfare to the fore
  242. Kattegat conservation concerns
  243. Consumers told frozen fish cuts food waste
  244. Trawler dragged backwards 'by submarine'
  245. Russian Trawler Burns Off Canary Islands
  246. Bass anglers in Brussels debate
  247. Irish seek easy-cook options
  248. Haddock feedback needed
  249. Pair fined for nephrops net offences
  250. Irish Sea rescue after lobster boat carrying three men capsizes