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  1. Grimsby remembers lost fishermen
  2. Birds Eye Q2 sales fall flat
  3. Dutch vessel brought into Shoreham Port by RN over suspected fisheries offences
  4. Fishing boat rescued from rocks
  5. New Appointments at Gael Force Marine Equipment Ltd
  6. The uk’s top 12 independent fish and chip restaurants announced
  7. Crew member of newlyn fishing boat failed to keep lookout
  8. Skipper Expo wins plaudits
  9. Bluefin tuna recover but risks remain
  10. Greenpeace accused of being "evil"
  11. Seafish appoints FCI to certify responsible fishing
  12. Shellfish summit was 'a wake-up call'
  13. “Now that’s over, let’s get on with fisheries management…”
  14. Devon MP Geoffrey Cox in call to end ban on ray fishing
  15. File the following under "uninformed 'enviroMENTAL' greenshyte"
  16. Vike takes a hike
  17. Jobs endangered by deep sea ban
  18. Norway and Russia agree Barents Sea cod quota
  19. EFCA sets out its stall
  20. Bristol fishermen feel the pinch
  21. 2015 outlook for global whitefish supply remain stable
  22. Guernsey Harbours fees rise 'to impact all'
  23. Oysters enter sustainability scheme
  24. Eel be back?
  25. Scots seafood stars in the Great Hall of China
  26. Pressure on Vella from eNGOs
  27. The Bournemouth supremacy
  28. Tulloch lands whopping Lerwick contract
  29. Ocean-based fish farming can never be organic, claims report
  30. Icelanders receive accreditation
  31. Training network set for NI
  32. Skipper Joe "Doffie" Findlay ( Wilron Wood ) crossed the bar
  33. Mussels join fast food menu
  34. Challenging times for shellfish growers
  35. Chilled sales soar 21%
  36. Recognition for Shetland chippy
  37. Exporter stretches winning streak
  38. Seafood in Schools heads to Fife
  39. Lost-at-sea fishermen say thank you to RNLI
  40. NFFO warns of SNP fish quota grab
  41. Seafood firms told ‘little chance of state aid’
  42. 2 new pelagic trawlers ordered for NE Scotland
  43. Tuna exchange success
  44. Processors on the silver screen
  45. Eastern approaches pay off
  46. Devon processor doubles capacity
  47. Striking claims over bluefin abundance
  48. Politicians blast fishermen’s federation
  49. Grimsby Port Missioner honoured
  50. Lerwick landings continue upwards trend
  51. Changes afoot in seafood legislation
  52. Icelandic cod recertified
  53. Toxin levels halt Isle of Man king scallop fishing season
  54. Tope landing prohibition possible
  55. Swordfish violations hard to swallow
  56. Belgian Beamer calls in to Brixham
  57. Search ongoing for missing skipper and crew of trawler
  58. Certification sought by Russian whitefish fleet
  59. looking for fishing history of my father
  60. Europe's “most destructive” vessels named and shamed
  61. Processing’s premiere moment
  62. Earnings down despite mackerel boom
  63. Battling for bass protection
  64. Big profits and income boost for fishing company
  65. Lost Hull WW1 trawler could be heading home
  66. Scottish and UK Governments must support Scotland’s fishing industry
  67. Herring scarce, mackerel abundant
  68. BIM helps bin marine litter
  69. Treble could double NI’s certificates
  70. Scottish suppliers cast their nets in China
  71. Powerful Icelandic fishing group established
  72. Breaching humpback whale makes a big splash off Skye
  73. Talking trash in China
  74. Vella summoned to Scotland
  75. Prosperity must outrank politics
  76. Students surprised by seafood prospects
  77. Rare metre long deep sea sunfish found washed up on Scottish beach
  78. Faroe fishing boat arrested
  79. Double standards
  80. Mackerel battle continues
  81. Deep sea divide
  82. Inshore “casualties” predicted
  83. Record month for Plymouth Fisheries
  84. Heed omega-3 message, says FMA chief
  85. Isle of Man king scallop fishery partially reopens
  86. Pelagic species lead Peterhead boom
  87. Coveney in talks with French Fisheries Minister over Celtic Sea quota cuts
  88. Sharks spawn unlikely alliance
  89. Inshore post available
  90. RIFFs hit the right note
  91. Chefs put seafood expert to shame
  92. Growing demand for sustainable seafood
  93. Brits back sustainability
  94. Anglers question bass limit
  95. Whitefish chief offers mackerel riposte
  96. Firefighters tackle blaze at fish processing plant during storm
  97. Fishermen's fears over Portsmouth and Langstone oyster ban
  98. Rescue after boat sinks off Guernsey
  99. Adapting to new labelling laws
  100. Chefs offered sustainable seafood treat
  101. Faroes look to Turkey to boost fish exports
  102. Study reveals decline in European lobster
  103. Navy bomb squad alerted after 'ordnance' found buried on beach
  104. Eco-Hypocrisy as Sea Shepherd Vessel Dumps 500 Litres of Diesel Into Sea
  105. Kids served seafood message
  106. NOK 3 million to boost herring research
  107. Fish tags create dinner bell effect, St Andrews University finds
  108. Peterhead landings up by 35,000 tonnes
  109. Processor wins apprentice award
  110. French voice deep-sea concerns
  111. Certified menu for Hertfordshire trio
  112. Commission praises Latvian plans
  113. Police probe trawler fleet slaves claim.......
  114. Fish skills go on the road
  115. Fish and chips British style comes to Norway
  116. Responsibility scheme nears completion
  117. Killer grey seals could be on the loose in British waters, a new report warns
  118. Scrum half kicks off fisherman’s blog
  119. Ireland’s best young ’monger revealed
  120. Fisherman bit crewman and would not let go
  121. Lifeboat crew in seven-hour sea rescue after trawler hit rocks
  122. New to the site
  123. Wanting a job
  124. Fish helps push up Birds Eye owner’s sales and profits
  125. ‘I leave with fish stocks in better shape’ – Damanaki
  126. Crown cedes shellfish rights
  127. New chief at MMO
  128. Backing for sole traders
  129. County Down offshore wind farm plans scrapped
  130. Too many haddock?
  131. Anglers drum up support for bass battle
  132. Help for Scotland’s seafood processors
  133. Big jump in fishing company’s profits
  134. Rising export opportunities for the UK in Poland
  135. Scots chippie scoops environmental award
  136. Record smashed with a month to spare
  137. Optimism over Atlantic stocks
  138. Shellfish set for festive menus
  139. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Client Earth get wrong end of the stick again
  140. Anglers could need licence to kill
  141. Cod in a trap?
  142. 'Unusually high' waves forecast for Scotland&Ireland
  143. Mako shark found dead after washing up on Barmouth Beach
  144. Ear we go-new lab to determine age of fish
  145. Anglo-French scallop deal will benefit French fleet
  146. Iceland fishing must remain competitive, says industry leader
  147. MPs warn of seabass crisis
  148. More research into fish stocks say Norwegian vessel owners
  149. Lifeboat crew rescue fishing vessel after wave smashes wheelhouse
  150. Skipper to stand trial accused of scallop diver death failures
  151. The TRUTH behind Damanaki's destruction of the fishing industry
  152. Mara Seaweed has the £50k edge
  153. Need to reform “dysfunctional” MMO
  154. Scots join whiting certification bid
  155. Samherji buys stake in Norwegian seafood operator
  156. Record landings in Shetland for second year running
  157. Time to end seafood scaremongering
  158. Europêche management confirmed for another two years
  159. Help to identify Angus Rose/Amber J of Brixham please.
  160. Deadliest month approaches
  161. Peterhead’s good year continues
  162. Wooden boat insurance
  163. Sea Shepherd in court trouble.....AGAIN lol
  164. Fishing community "in shock" over missing man
  165. Hello
  166. Technology to the fore in Galway
  167. Quota leasing guidance published
  168. Researchers sought for seafood study
  169. Tenfjord Hydraulic Steering
  170. Hull scheme for ex-trawlermen wins cash boost
  171. Fraserburgh fishing boat fire extinguished
  172. RT Fishing Documentary
  173. Anglers anger over bass
  174. Lifeboat loss remembered
  175. Just been sent this , another retired skipper crosses the bar RIP
  176. Scottish Fisheries Secretary’s New Year message
  177. Scallop slavery claims
  178. The big lie about LED lighting
  179. Fish fingers to get an eco-label new look
  180. Hurricane force winds & blizzards set to sweep across Scotland
  181. Big plans for small screen
  182. Strong demand and prices greet Grimsby Fish Market reopening
  183. Grandi’s £77 million haul
  184. Winds of up to 100mph forecast for northern Scotland
  185. Brits help Norway smash seafood record
  186. Young’s announce new CEO
  187. Scotland’s fishermen face ‘wide range’ of challenges in 2015
  188. Prawn price rise expected to follow Greenland quota cut
  189. Toxins in Dorset scallops remain above legal limit
  190. Weather warning for Scotland, NI and north England
  191. Long service Award
  192. MAIB report released into death of Aultbea's Gary Forbes
  193. Body recovered at Howth Harbour.
  194. Trawl plan please
  195. South West stalwart remembered
  196. Malcom the Cat – the new face of seafood
  197. Capelin prove elusive
  198. Landmark Newquay fishing 'icon' Huer's Hut restored
  199. ICES invites funding applications
  200. Quality assessment course confirmed
  201. UK’s top seafood restaurant sought
  202. Historic Fishing Vessel For Sale
  203. Pair plead guilty to scalloping offences
  204. Isle of Man king scallop fishery reopens fully after toxins scare
  205. Spanish suspected of piracy
  206. Morrisons looking at second Grimsby fish plant
  207. ICES meets fisheries stakeholders
  208. Net tightens around pirates
  209. The mack factor
  210. Irish hold inaugural inshore forum
  211. Bretons seek deep sea certification
  212. Stop Norway’s unilateral blue whiting quota, urges EU pelagic sector
  213. Firefighters tackle Peterhead fish factory blaze
  214. Bass trawl ban
  215. US favours Icelandic fish
  216. Positive trends reported
  217. Spain cracks down on pirates
  218. Norwegian Fish Minister holds vital fish Talks in Germany
  219. New chairman for Grimsby Fish Market company
  220. Five airlifted from sea
  221. Morrisons to reopen Kerry Foods Grimsby fish factory
  222. Frankie's Fish and Chips in Shetland wins UK Seafish award
  223. ICES launches call for abstracts
  224. 350 tonne hauls reported
  225. Scottish Government urged to help Peterhead blaze company
  226. Inshore roles available
  227. No China crisis for UK fish processor
  228. Satellite watchroom targets illegal fishing
  229. Belgians to market local seafood
  230. Grimsby hails Morrisons fish expansion
  231. Deep thinking proves divisive
  232. Plans to protect Kattegat
  233. Successful 2014 for Grimsby packaging company
  234. Queen scallops: Isle of Man in talks with UK amid overfishing fears
  235. I this a legal use of EFF funding??
  236. Set Bullshit Shields to MAX.....
  237. Hull memorial day for city's lost trawlermen
  238. Seafood cookery courses for retailers
  239. Funding available for UK anglers
  240. “Star studded” line-up for Bergen NASF
  241. Young’s Seafood owner reports positive growth
  242. Take-away deemed unwise
  243. Peterhead landings up 46%
  244. UK government accused of fishing ‘inertia’
  245. Fishing Body Rejects Basis for Greenpeace's Divisive Court Action
  246. Kingfisher notice to fishermen
  247. LAST CHANCE for NI sea fishermen to receive a grant-aided PFD
  248. Eustice backs bass ban
  249. Applications invited for marine bursaries
  250. Belgian boat reported missing in English Channel