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  1. Coveney welcomes jobs boost for killybegs....
  2. Sinking of Buckie boat in Scrabster investigated
  3. SFF writes to First Minister seeking clarification over EU fishery access comments
  4. EU launches action plan for 'blue economy'
  5. Training Trust grants fishermen £50k
  6. Climate change impacting on fish stocks - Iceland President
  7. Shetland landings bucking the trend
  8. New trawl door from Morgère delivers great results for Icelandic fishermen
  9. Fisherman dies after falling from boat off Summer Isles
  10. European Commission proposes full ban on driftnets
  11. Ireland lands largest marine food ingredients plant
  12. Celebrations for European Maritime Day
  13. Seafood labelling seminars launched
  14. RNLI rescue drifting fishing vessel
  15. Consumers urged to eat more oily fish
  16. Fish and chips on menu at environment awards
  17. Hugh on the Back Foot
  18. Drift Net Ban “a Throwback to the Unreformed CFP”
  19. Tory Euro candidate meets SFF over Salmond comments
  20. €1m funding for Ireland's inshore fisheries
  21. Seafish lauds Brussels expo
  22. Kirkella H7 just launched in Turkey
  23. Founder of Modern Fisheries Science Congratulates NFFO.....
  24. Value of Scottish shellfish production grows
  25. Tougher rules to combat illegal fishing
  26. So-called "Scottish Government" so far into bed with Greenpeace....
  27. NFFO hits out at EC bid to ban drift nets
  28. Seafish launches pack to support mongers
  29. Discards ban will harm seabirds, says study
  30. Major search operation under way after fishing boat and crew missing
  31. Deal or no deal? Rare fish found at Hornsea
  32. Isle of Man fishermen in safety jacket donation
  33. Anglers seek to spare marine species
  34. Scots soup scoops Grocer award
  35. SSA applauds Skipper stand support
  36. Spanish article about Greenpeace and their £££
  37. Campbeltown fishermen bring minke whale ashore
  38. Yet more NGO rubbish
  39. Taster offered for Aberdeen expo
  40. Website is FIP for purpose
  41. Cranking up the fish factor
  42. Iceland to protect remote coastal communities
  43. Isle of Man fishery closure plan prompts concern
  44. Mullion Harbour repairs to cost £250k
  45. £260k boost as fish service targets farms
  46. Scallopers hit with five figure fine
  47. Selsey skipper takes tiller at NFFO
  48. A Fyne victory
  49. Damanaki's bluefin pledge
  50. Tobermory RNLI rescues fishing boat aground off Ardnamurchan Point
  51. Rx56 patrica peggy
  52. National Lobster Hatchery plans expansion
  53. Grandi swoop should add value
  54. Dispute over sustainable species heats up
  55. Mussels on fundraising menu
  56. Lochhead set for independence Q&A
  57. Drift net ban: “crazy, misguided and possibly malicious”
  58. steel under 10 mtr catamaran search
  59. Skegness Fish and Chips Festival planned for 2015
  60. Nats seek to land industry support
  61. Shark quota campaign gets its skates on
  62. Close Coll but disaster averted
  63. Extension for seafood support scheme
  64. Cully sinks: but rescue dominates lifeboat awards
  65. EU wide drift net ban under fire
  66. Norwegian trawler chief in surprise resignation
  67. Ocean acidification a growing concern(bullsh!t alert!)
  68. Oil on troubled waters
  69. We need these rules here to stop "pleasure" fishermen
  70. Europe on the brink of change
  71. Sad to report that Norrie Bremner has passed away
  72. Fish head takes a bow
  73. Seafish steals the show
  74. Cod quotas could be slashed
  75. Lochhead makes case for independence
  76. Highland exporter celebrates success
  77. Funding boost for packaging company
  78. Small quota=less earnings
  79. Fishing industry's 'positive' talks with minister
  80. Guernsey trainee fishing scheme 'a total joke'
  81. Icelanders net MSC double
  82. Irish Marine Conference announced
  83. Anti-EU swing ‘will impact on fishing’
  84. drift net ban - e-pettition
  85. Newlyn skipper Simon Porter calls for seal cull after monkfish haul decimated
  86. Dorset offers more funding for storm-hit fishermen
  87. Creel deal goes through
  88. Seafish levies under fire
  89. PFD safety success at Aberdeen Expo
  90. Skipper show success
  91. Blanc drawn in awards debut
  92. EU to bring French fisheries into line
  93. Wartime wreck potentially damaging
  94. Square Pots
  95. Withdraw from the Common fisheries Policy - E-petition
  96. Scotland set for bigger European fishing funds share within UK
  97. Fish champion at Grampian food fest
  98. Grimsby company is H. A. PPS
  99. Success for Skipper Expo Int Aberdeen 2014
  100. Sea monster devours great white shark
  101. Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK
  102. Whitby fishermen deaths 'could have been prevented' by CO alarm
  103. Eustace reveals EU funding allocations
  104. Cash boost for Scrabster shellfish business
  105. Royal Navy minehunter destroys 300lbs mine dredged up by fishing boat off Falmouth
  106. State must back EU funding
  107. The whiting’s on the wall
  108. Profitable year for Cefas
  109. Strong year for Box Pool
  110. Biscay fishermen seek certification first
  111. Greenpeace worker loses millions in failed gamble on international currency markets
  112. Alderney Harbour loses £90K a year
  113. Canadian skipper achieves fantastic catch of redfish in sea trials using Morgère PV3
  114. UN pledges support for small scale fisheries
  115. Skippers put safety in the picture
  116. Catching the drift of Morocco's swordfish scam
  117. Contracts awarded for £40m harbour expansion
  118. Processing top-up sought
  119. Essex students win seafood event
  120. Lochhead looks for level playing field
  121. Seafood on the menu at Ingliston
  122. NI wind farm scaled back and will avoid key fishing grounds
  123. Ian Duncan - Scottish fishermen need greater quotas not just subsidies
  124. England's marine conservation network is worse than useless
  125. Standards are a lesson in sustainability
  126. Minister coveney acknowledges significant marine policy progress
  127. New research into fish eating habits
  128. Young's Seafood executive turns fishing novelist
  129. Irish to exploit export potential
  130. Peterhead landings impress
  131. Fish and ships
  132. Managers appointed for Peterhead Harbour expansion
  133. Shipwrecked fisherman saved off Colonsay by Royal Navy helicopter
  134. Emergency fund for seafarers launched
  135. Ocean Explorer Centre opens to visitors
  136. Greig donates £25k to marine centre
  137. French fishermen 'accused of smuggling immigrants to Plymouth beaches'
  138. Whitby boat deaths misadventure verdict returned
  139. Highland seafood exporter shortlisted for award
  140. Why the NFFO will fight tooth and claw to block the Drift Net Ban
  141. NFFO Exec Meets to Decide Policy
  142. The dying days of effort control
  143. Cygnus Beach Worker
  144. Skipper fined for fisheries offences
  145. Ian Duncan MEP-Richard Lochhead at odds with SNP MEPs over Scottish Fishing Industry
  146. Innovation for the nation
  147. Scotland’s most excellent adventure
  148. CO detectors urged after fishing tragedy
  149. Film of a massive haul of Herring by Vigilant PD/Pathway PD/Lunar Bow PD 1988
  150. Protected sites proposed for seals in 194 Scottish locations
  151. Fisheries management in Firth of Clyde must be based on fact...
  152. The shocking stats about PFDs
  153. Float fund offered
  154. New NEAFC regulations to protect vulnerable deep-sea species
  155. Rebel with a cause
  156. EC responds to government request for days exemption for Clyde & Forth prawn trawlers
  157. Pelagic players return to roots
  158. Further ammo against driftnet ban
  159. Industry argues for mandatory monoxide alarms
  160. Grandi commissions three new boats
  161. MMO supremo stands down
  162. Norwegian/Icelandic relations begin to thaw
  163. Fisherman dies after boat sinks off Donegal coast
  164. Regardless what SIFT say there are mature fish in the Clyde
  165. Stewardship standards under review
  166. Grandi scoops environmental award
  167. Marine plan published
  168. Grimsby haddock is haddock!
  169. Trailer filled with £60,000 worth of shellfish stolen in Peterhead
  170. Scottish and UK fisheries ministers respond to key questions from SFF ...
  171. 14 billion invested in fleet
  172. Fraserburgh boost from Young’s
  173. Obituary: Colin Frederick Smales
  174. Seafood on the menu at Welsh school
  175. 6th Icelandic Fisheries Awards
  176. Norway urges more groundfish stock research
  177. Atlas fined for e-log failures
  178. The important role fishing plays in ensuring our food security
  179. The Prince of Whales
  180. Asda raises sustainability stakes
  181. Crab plan sought for Outer Isles
  182. Norwegian exports reach new levels
  183. Milestone for Scots seafood education
  184. Aberdeen seafood factory facing closure
  185. Isle of Man Queen Scallop fishing restrictions in place
  186. Lessons to be learned from prawn farming slavery
  187. Top score for trawl doors
  188. Batter get your entries in for National Fish & Chips Awards 2015
  189. Icelandic fishing giants to merge
  190. Ardglass harbour: Two rescued as fishing boat sinks
  191. Be able for label changes
  192. AS I SEE IT – AN OPINION - Danish Fisheries Minister
  193. Flying start for Icelandic freezers
  194. Crab technician sets shining example
  195. EU seas: under surveillance
  196. New Icelandic catch quotas ‘based on science’
  197. Norwegians seek Turkish delight
  198. Survey contracts up for grabs
  199. Bournemouth braced for fisheries expo
  200. Lifeboat called out after tourist reports nine-year-old shipwreck
  201. Prince of Wales outlines oceans and fish stocks challenge
  202. Global fish stocks mapped out
  203. 33 new jobs for Kilkeel
  204. Atlantic mackerel alliance forged
  205. Kayakers haul bluefin tuna ashore in Cornwall
  206. Warning over Channel fish stocks
  207. Optimistic outlook for Atlantic mackerel alliance
  208. Pelagics may hasten wild salmon decline
  209. Warning over British bluefin
  210. Knives out for Grimsby seafood contest
  211. Tilapia gives dogfish the boot
  212. Grimsby's up for summit
  213. Ireland embarks on seafood reformation
  214. Plymouth gets the blues
  215. Young's Seafood takes fresh approach to advertising
  216. Cornish Fishermen slam quality control at Plymouth University
  217. Maximum sustained yield: a policy disguised as science
  218. Mackerel lead Peterhead boom
  219. Shakeup for Irish inshore sector
  220. Iceland reports strong pelagic landings
  221. Higher cod prices lift Havfisk earnings
  222. Seafish reacts to report on fishing impact on English Channel ecosystem
  223. Fal mussel fishermen 'relying on Fishermen's Mission'
  224. Welcome drop in fishing fatalities
  225. Ship Wrecked Mariners photographic competition
  226. Small boat focus at Bournemouth show
  227. Aberdeen selected for key conference
  228. Birds Eye may seek stock market listing
  229. International line up for seafood summit
  230. No, Monbiot: Britain Needs More Wolves Like it Needs the Black Death
  231. Scottish fishermen to highlight issues of concern to UK Fisheries Minister
  232. Wholly mackerel
  233. MP battles for beach-launched fleet
  234. Unlikely windfall for Fisherman’s Mission
  235. Industry initiatives instrumental in fishing fatality decline
  236. Fitch delivers stable outlook for Young's owner
  237. Funding announced for Scottish fishing projects
  238. Open Letter to UK Fisheries Minister, George Eustice
  239. Whitby man lands potential record biggest fish on Skye
  240. Fraserburgh fishermen ready for Eustice
  241. Eustice buys time for Cornish sardine fishery
  242. Fisheries group launches EU Campaign
  243. Three fishermen rescued from life-raft as boat sinks off Cape Wrath
  244. Greenpeace blasted for “apple pie” vision
  245. Sinking attributed to lack of lookout
  246. Lochhead seeks level playing field
  247. Trawlermen star hits out over Scottish independence
  248. Trawler fire tackled by Alderney lifeboat crew
  249. Lobster farming initiative launched
  250. Skippers prove their scientific abilities