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  1. Students' unmanned boat travels across Atlantic
  2. Apathy muddies EU waters
  3. More UK scallop research required
  4. Grimsby Seafood Village filling up nicely
  5. Cornish cash in on EFF
  6. Holyrood launches creel deal
  7. Prize for Leone rangers
  8. More hake less greed
  9. Skipper needed to help sail historic Norfolk fishing boat into new era
  10. Fishermen’s Mission Gives Hardship Payments To Ardglass Fishermen
  11. San Fran hosts major marine event
  12. Salvation from the storms
  13. Norwegian heavy metal at saithe levels
  14. Sustaining Europe’s seas
  15. Funding for Scots seafood sector
  16. Eat fish to avoid heart attack US women urged
  17. steel catamaran cif 312 "kalia ua" - whare is she gone ?.
  18. Wheelhouse lays wild cards on the table
  19. Damanaki keen to seas the moment
  20. Hardship fund for Scottish fishermen
  21. Aid for storm-hit fishermen
  22. ICES leading the way to understanding marine ecosystems
  23. Storm support meeting with minister
  24. Shift to quarterly quotas
  25. Cash prizes for discard scheme
  26. PPS East and a sustainable Supply Chain
  27. Seafood Fraud–vive la France
  28. The real reason Sea birds are going..eaten by Cod !!!
  29. Young's Seafood boss resigns
  30. Only one week to go for Skipper Expo Int. Galway 2014
  31. Damaged Whitehaven harbour flood defences to be repaired
  32. Double trouble for Trebilcock
  33. Levy reductions delayed
  34. Whitefish processors join the jet set
  35. Lochhead seeks to strengthen EU ties
  36. Norwegian fishermen demand compensation from Iceland
  37. Irish on supertrawler alert
  38. Falfish expansion complete
  39. Industry voices surprise over Young’s CEO departure
  40. Navy divers probe unexploded WW2 shells in Wick Bay
  41. Climate change: impact on fish stocks assessed
  42. Lobster certification drive
  43. Minister Coveney addresses the world’s largest seafood conference...
  44. Faroese wild fish catches continue to decline
  45. Scotland’s wild fisheries review
  46. Norfolk: Wind farm operators hoping for fishermen resolution
  47. Electro-Pulse beaming has been BANNED
  48. 'Incredibly rare' orange lobster rehomed in Bristol
  49. Great white shark's epic ocean trek
  50. Halls fronts safety scheme
  51. The rime of the modern mariner
  52. Helicopter evacuates fisherman from trawler 20 miles off Eddystone
  53. Support for seal harvest
  54. Lifeboat flotilla to tear down the Thames
  55. Misneach UL12
  56. Fish 'n' sips
  57. Netsmen turn the tables
  58. Norge exports up 29%
  59. Capelin season draws to a close
  60. Fish updates from the Marine Conservation Society
  61. Fishing authorities say super trawler banned from Australia can fish in Irish waters
  62. MFV Santa Ana sank near Cabo Peñas, Spain, 2 dead, 6 missing
  63. Humber Gains
  64. Wight tidal energy scheme will 'ruin fishing industry'
  65. Shetland to benefit from coastal fund
  66. Clyde in Holyrood spotlight
  67. Fisheries Minister confronted by supersized cod
  68. Natural England taking the absolute P155 yet again
  69. Crab trio up for award
  70. London chippie breaks new ground
  71. SIC loan for new trawler
  72. Acrunet goes to scotland
  73. The great fish giveaway
  74. Pickup drops off Young’s radar
  75. Seafood is a class act
  76. Trawler company set for major building programme
  77. Cod in the North Sea ( ROV footage )
  78. Brits top Prix d’Elite shortlist
  79. Welsh cockle closure extended
  80. Tourism no fishy business
  81. Trawl door sales take off
  82. Illegal Cardigan Bay scallop dredgers face fine of up to £1m ...
  83. Develop your skills and knowledge about trawling
  84. Rip Off Britain: Food
  85. Moray firth windfarm approved
  86. Hake deemed Britain’s most sustainable fish
  87. Irish Skipper Expo hailed as ‘best ever’
  88. Hat-trick for ASL
  89. Oyster farmers seek support
  90. Irish monks set sail for Spain
  91. Capelin catches take a tumble
  92. Marine litter survey launched
  93. Sisters act
  94. Euro help for Irish storm damaged piers and harbours
  95. Access to waters "interesting reading"
  96. Scottish independence: UK Chamber of Shipping asks for more post-Yes detail
  97. Fisherman from Latvia dies at sea off west Wales coast
  98. Illegally farmed razor clams seized in Oban
  99. EU trade ban for illegal fishing nations
  100. Scots seafood stars in Asian event
  101. Welsh children fail fish test
  102. An abundance of six kilo cod
  103. Fishermen keen to further their careers
  104. Call for oyster research
  105. Fair weather ahead for Faroes
  106. Fishermen airlifted after boat sinks in shetlands
  107. Fisherman dies after boat sinks off Shetland
  108. Jersey lifeboat rescues fishermen after boat sinks
  109. Angler management: Norwegian initiative launched
  110. Supermarket fish under BBC cosh
  111. Skippers can collect their free PFDs at Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2014
  112. Sharkey taxed for logbook let-down
  113. Fishery fines for North Shields quartet
  114. Guide celebrates vast variety of UK seafood
  115. No buenos Dias
  116. Scots ready for crab conference
  117. Vigo to host tuna talks
  118. Pirates to raise pieces of eight for RNLI
  119. High-Tech Fishing Vessel Delivered with MAN Propulsion
  120. UK to lead major military exercise off coast of Scotland
  121. Kids treated to the real McCod
  122. Funding to beat off skiff competition
  123. Inshore opportunity for NE England
  124. Fishermen '40 times more likely to die at work' than anyone else
  125. Welsh take sting out of storm damage
  126. Fresh album from fishwives
  127. Processor reports reasons to be cheerful
  128. Sole kitchen
  129. Baltic Breeze Car Carrier Runs Over Fishing Vessel, At Least 3 Dead
  130. Teenager apologises for slapping Asda worker with fish
  131. Tributes paid to trawl door pioneer
  132. Fin and games at Fish Week Festival
  133. Europe tops fish import list
  134. Westminster to fund Scots seaweed business
  135. Norway lands 20% MORE Cod than they have quota for
  136. Yorkshire yard fuels Shetland savings
  137. England's first marine plans published
  138. SFF questions independence implications
  139. Spanish catching less, study reveals
  140. Icelandic trawler nets £2m catch–from Norway
  141. Top chefs to kick off Welsh Fish Week Festival
  142. French looking at Trimaran trawlers
  143. Major Peterhead harbour expansion could net up to £15m a year
  144. Scottish seas cleaning scheme faces fight for funds
  145. Irish reiterate €1bn mission
  146. Courses prove conducive to commercial success
  147. Buildings evacuated after trawler fire in Galway
  148. British Ports Assocation: smaller ports fund
  149. Spanish first for SFP
  150. Krossfjord BF70 for sale
  151. 10% levy reduction suggested
  152. Seminar prepares for fish labelling changes
  153. Isle of Man queenie fishery licence plans unveiled
  154. E-log flaws acknowledged
  155. Prize offered for fishermen’s photos
  156. Anglers land hefty cash prizes
  157. Cash boost for Islay lifeboat event
  158. Whiting prove elusive
  159. Tesco forced to scrap salmon campaign
  160. Sad death of Hull fish merchant
  161. Monster tuna caught on rod and line
  162. EU eyes untapped Somalian stocks
  163. Norway’s pelagic sales slip
  164. Recognition for Regal longlines
  165. A new era of whitefish processing
  166. Scallopers seek cross-Channel entente
  167. Double win for Kerry fish chain
  168. Fishing’s Low Ecological Footprint
  169. Norges Fiskarlag joins North Sea RAC
  170. Boats returned to storm-hit Porthleven Harbour
  171. New venue for old salts
  172. The Norwegian codfathers
  173. ICES super eight
  174. In it to Gwyn it
  175. Beleaguered tuna brand backs down
  176. Seafood companies urged to go north
  177. A little nostalgia
  178. Lifeboat and helicopter launched to aid fishing boat
  179. Icelanders play a whiting game
  180. MSC-weed standard
  181. Eley quits as CEO of Iceland Seachill UK
  182. Paul Wheelhouse visits the Gael Force Group and AKVA Scotland Group
  183. Royal opening for Nor-Fishing Expo
  184. Another Environment/Fish bull***t story exposed
  185. Major changes in fish labelling on way-seminar told
  186. Diana2
  187. Fishing News issue 18th April went to print today
  188. Fishermen fear college funding cuts
  189. US gets tougher with Iceland over whaling
  190. Storm Damage Gear Replacement Scheme
  191. Scallop ceasefire
  192. Mixed reception for EMFF
  193. Fisheries fund sails through Strasbourg
  194. Fishing champion MP to stand down
  195. Around 30 firefighters tackle blaze that ripped through two buildings
  196. Queen's Awards celebrated by 10 Scottish businesses
  197. Icelanders hit whiting jackpot
  198. Two lifeboats launched following reports of a man in Arbroath harbour
  199. Richard Lochhead comments on fish statistics
  200. SSA to attend Skipper Expo
  201. Brussels build-up continues apace
  202. Federation steps up safety campaign
  203. Returnable packaging specialist PPS East is shortlisted for award
  204. Fish smell leads to complaints from Bitterne residents
  205. Fishermen plucked from rocky peril
  206. Input sought on discards
  207. Marine Scotland rumoured to be wasting yet more of our money
  208. Salmond stresses EU credentials
  209. Story from 2012 about Electro-Pulse beamers
  210. Article in The Press & Journal on why North Sea cod should be on the MasterChef menu
  211. Grandi goes main stream
  212. Premier meets Norwegian catching industry
  213. Dire year for Scots Fisheries
  214. Vessels sought for trawl trials
  215. Irish alliance set to enhance processing sector
  216. Rollmops rockin’ Irish market
  217. MSP highlights importance of Scotland’s inshore fisheries
  218. Prawn brokers
  219. Buckie business braced for Brussels
  220. All’s whelk that ends whelk
  221. Surge in Lerwick landings
  222. Fishermen facing eviction from historic harbour plan legal battle
  223. Great honour for “small fry”
  224. Century beckons for Aberdeen show
  225. Baltic Sea fisheries discard cod size
  226. Havfisk on a high despite low cod prices
  227. Guide to inspire sustainable seafood
  228. Scots lobster creation up for award
  229. The Saucy Fish Co secures Aldi injunction
  230. Brian Wilson: Salmond bluster over EU policy
  231. Norwegians consider alternatives to MSC
  232. Redfish certification success
  233. Easing the e-logjam
  234. Scots limber up for Brussels
  235. EU now world's largest fish importer
  236. Icelandic skippers report improved fishing
  237. Twin win for Russian whitefish
  238. Further fillip for Lerwick landings
  239. Assessor seeks Herring info
  240. Family fish business Downies of Whitehills signs as new supplier for Scotmid
  241. What Scots fishermen think of the EU
  242. Channel herring in tune with MSC?
  243. Mussel dust with your lamb, sir?
  244. Fishing company says cod prices on the up
  245. Packaging versatility is the USP
  246. Armada expected at Aberdeen expo
  247. Ocean fundraiser needed
  248. Fivefold increase for stewardship scheme
  249. Prawn of a new era
  250. Baltic shows failure of "paper" protection