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  1. ASDA:statement on fish
  2. SFF expresses concern over move for increased Government support to offshore wind
  3. Alaska beefs up its fish drive into UK and Europe
  4. SFF throws its support behind Skipper Expo Int. Aberdeen 2014
  5. The Captain's Table,a seafood restaurant in Cleethorpes,has become MSC certified
  6. Fisherman rescued from sinking vessel minutes before it submerged
  7. Commissioner Damanaki visit the Faroe Islands
  8. New tests to ensure high quality Cod liver oil
  9. Boulogne trawler Saint-Nicolas ashore,all crew rescued
  10. Lloyds & Sons Smoked fish withdrawn after FSA investigation
  11. IMO orders all fishing boats over 100t registered to cut illegal fishing
  12. Three men rescued after fishing boat sinks off Southwold
  13. Van driver fined for unrecorded fish
  14. Skipper and vessel owner were ordered to pay £9,000 in fines
  15. 70 skippers visit Danish flume tank
  16. Norway see's increase in value of pelagic exports
  17. Gaul sunken trawler: Test on bodies buried in Russia
  18. PPS East customers report increase in fresh fish quality
  19. Icelandic fishermen report bad weather and smaller herring
  20. Fishermen fear displacement by offshore windfarms
  21. EU signs €120m Morocco fishing agreement
  22. EFF to support 45 Scots projects
  23. Fish suppliers offered university challenge
  24. Navy to avoid MPA disruption
  25. Kirkwall fishing boat Ailsa Jane stuck on wreck of Busy Bee in Orkney
  26. Just shows the contempt ALL politicians hold the fishing industry in
  27. Commonwealth bonus for certified Scots fisheries
  28. MSC:Ecolabel living up to its billing
  29. Plans for £5.4bn Argyll Array offshore wind farm near Tiree dropped
  30. White fish Christmas in Shetland as landings reach record 300,000 boxes
  31. Joy of Ladram rescued off the Lizard
  32. EU Planning directive ruffles feathers
  33. EU satisfied over SEAFO agreement
  34. Balance of Competences: Fisheries
  35. Australian Coalition takes first steps to scrap Labor's marine parks management plans
  36. Birds Eye owner appeals to its banks
  37. Angler hooks largest fly-caught salmon in Scotland for 75 years
  38. 'Less Deadly Catch'? New boat seeks safer fishing in Bering Sea
  39. Ocean Safety supplies 1000th lifejacket to the Scottish Fisherman’s Federation
  40. New recruits rush to Plaice academy
  41. Irish can apply for new generation life-jackets
  42. Fishing vessel in collision with south pier
  43. Ramsey RNLI assist man with serious injuries
  44. North East fishermen may have to end generations of fishing on the Tyne
  45. PPS East customers report increase in fresh fish quality
  46. Tributes paid to Willie Hay CBE
  47. Anglers spooked after close shave with unidentified submarine off the coast of Done
  48. UK Fishermen face engine checks
  49. World Guga Eating Championships to be held for the first time
  50. MMO extends quotas leasing scheme
  51. Americas biggest fishery MSC certified
  52. FQA allocations published
  53. Happy Christmas and a good New Year everyone
  54. Very very poor forecast for Tuesday onwards guys
  55. Boats nets stores targeted as well
  56. Obituary: Willie Hay, fishing industry leader
  57. Lest we forget
  58. Deep sea creatures found off Rockall 'new to science'
  59. Ben Fogle's country travels: learning how to survive at sea
  60. Tributes paid to Bridlington stalwart
  61. Eat oily fish to combat Vit-D deficiency
  62. New Year greetings from North Sligo.
  63. £260,000 boost for Northern Irish lobster industry
  64. OCEANA:dangerously high mercury levels in .....
  65. Hattrick of honours for RNLI volounteers
  66. Honours for 4 coastguards
  67. Man airlifted from fishing vessel in medical emergency
  68. A Speck in the Sea
  69. Scots Salmon farms poorly sited
  70. HB Grandi freshers concentrate on Cod
  71. 6 Prince Edward Island (Canada) Fishermen fined $28,500
  72. Norwegian fishing company dismay at Iceland court ruling
  73. Tributes to fishing stalwart George Traves
  74. All the gear no idea , angler puts rescuers lives at risk
  75. 2 in a Roe for Icelandic processors
  76. Video shows haddock’s journey from sea to shop
  77. Grimsby to host top UK fish contest for first time
  78. Trawler lays-ups and sale cuts fishing company's revenue
  79. Crabbing off Norfolk
  80. Two charged over sinking of fishing trawler
  81. 5 figure fine for Canadian crabber
  82. We must get higher prices for cod-Norway's fisheries minister
  83. Young's launches first high street pop-up fish shop
  84. Fishing boat towed to safety after taking on water off Shetland
  85. Bobby Allen
  86. Russia accuses Greenpeace of encouraging Senegal to seize trawler
  87. Great white sharks 'live for 70 years'
  88. SeaFish go to Vietnam instead of promoting UK fish & shellfish
  89. Poor judgement to blame for fatal foundering
  90. High hopes for Aberdeen Expo
  91. Ocean Safety fits Kannad SOLO PLBs to the lifejackets.....
  92. BBC returns to Amity II
  93. Bonnie future planned for Clyde
  94. Video taken inside a crab pot
  95. Seafish training at Eyemouth 24th-26th January
  96. Fisheries and the Green lobby – what’s the real catch? - See more at: http://www.worl
  97. Practise pays off for Lifeboat
  98. Seafood promo hits new high
  99. Chance to sign up for catch quota trials
  100. British public still scared of cooking fish
  101. Fresh start for former freezer
  102. Netsmen hit back at fisheries boards
  103. Scots could be scallop kings
  104. New accolade for Saucy Fish Co
  105. Giant Squid Caught By Japanese Fishermen
  106. Skrei's the limit for new trend in cod
  107. Memorial service for the Gaul H243
  108. Harbour deaths on fishing boat
  109. Salmond on Salmon
  110. State to sponsor Galway Skipper event
  111. Enigma of the deeps could be reclasified
  112. Hidden cost of shrimp industry exposed
  113. Eileen Sobeck named assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries
  114. Fishing’s future ‘in doubt if Scotland goes independent’
  115. Rachael Jane IV MT100 sunk,all crew rescued
  116. Ben Fogle's country travels: it's time to eat North Sea cod again
  117. Missing man dies after Orkney sea search
  118. French trawler L'estran ashore after engine failure
  119. Fish wholesaler fined
  120. New Sales Manager at Marel GB
  121. UK Police probe claims of fishing boat slavery
  122. Kestrel ropes were deliberately cut
  123. Danish fishermen call for seal cull
  124. Trawler sets sail for first time in new role
  125. Call to promote traditional Grimsby smoked fish as tourist attraction
  126. Storms battering the UK pushed price of fish and chips up by 10%
  127. Huge haddock tows from Georges Bank land in Nova Scotia
  128. Capelin conundrum
  129. Scallop boat faces £35k fine
  130. Young's Seafood owners plans major financial restructure
  131. Cod mislabelling eradicated in Dublin’s supermarkets but not takeaways
  132. Fishing concern at UK growth in offshore wind turbines
  133. Cape crusaders follow fish pirates
  134. Shetland set for marine first
  135. Fleetwood chippie leads the way when it comes to a sustainable fish supper
  136. Shetland fish and chip shop comes second 'plaice' in national awards
  137. Forced to fish: Slavery on Thailand's trawlers
  138. Fish oil could help prevent Alzheimer's and also give you a bigger brain
  139. Landings obligations raise new concerns
  140. Whitby chippie scoops national prize
  141. New Unity FR165 ( ex-Julieann III built for Lunar's Canada operation ) on her way
  142. Injured Fisherman evacuated.
  143. Fraserburgh RNLI Stations needs help moving a boats van guys
  144. Gleaner facing £12k fines
  145. Sainsbury’s & Marks&Spencer lead the way in sustainable seafood,says MCS
  146. Fishermen’s safety set to be a key theme at Galway & Aberdeen fishing expo's
  147. Canada bids to develop a national lobster brand
  148. BULLSHIT ALERT:Climate change 'could be making fish smaller' say Aberdeen researchers
  149. Marine Licensing for offshore renewables–SFF warns against taking short cuts
  150. Scottishi lifeboats save 29 lives
  151. Youngs guns for plastic packs
  152. Fishing vessel rescued after North Sea fire
  153. Europe's biggest shrimp company Heiploeg is bankrupt
  154. Latest from Marine Scotland.....
  155. Seafood for thought
  156. Sustainable future promised by EMFF
  157. Herring due for high end make over
  158. Charities warn about EMFF agreement
  159. Danish company to build world's first dual net seiner
  160. EU falls short of eliminating subsidies that fuel overfishing
  161. Oceana launches interactive viewer with never-before-seen images of gorringe bank
  162. AKCRRAB scientists publish research results
  163. Fal oyster row 'threatens future' of industry
  164. Boon for marine rubbish scheme
  165. Capelin quota concerns
  166. First ever fishing training hub opened in newlyn
  167. The noise of the seismic surveys between catalonia and the .....
  168. 2 rescued from the Napier C295
  169. Record year for Irish anglers
  170. £50m warchest for fish conservation
  171. Three more years for MMO board
  172. Two fishing trawlers that got into difficulty make way towards land
  173. whispering hope gourden late 50s 60s
  174. French fishing crew rescued off north Cornwall coast
  175. Morecambe Bay cockling disaster's lasting impact
  176. Extension granted for free safety initiative
  177. Xyrex wins Prawnfresh case
  178. French agree deep sea amnesty
  179. Norway & Portugal scramble for Africa
  180. This can not be right
  181. Netsmen opt for Italian job
  182. Whitby snaps up Scampi rival
  183. Icelandic Group completes acquisition
  184. Storm warnings for the weekend again lads
  185. Porthleven battles to save boats as inner harbour breached
  186. Scots fishermen urged to take advantage of Free Electronic Chart Display & ....
  187. 250 jobs to go at Grimsby seafood giant
  188. Setting the ISO bar
  189. Great year for Lerwick landings
  190. E-logs to replace paper
  191. Victory for Alaskan fishermen
  192. Latest "edict" on Scottish quotas by SNP
  193. Jersey's extreme weather 'costly' for fishermen
  194. Seafood's bigger than North Sea oil
  195. Delousing agent safe for Cod
  196. Star chef's skrei day
  197. The UK fish fear factor
  198. Children's Friend sinks in her berth in Newlyn.
  199. Former fisherman takes the helm at Skipper Magazine
  200. Norwegian exports still on the up
  201. Hull memorial service for Gaul trawler crew
  202. Spain has serious questions to answer on their fishing fleet reported Kw power
  203. Padstow fisherman's beach shell find ends with bomb squad visit
  204. Inside Llewyn Davis revives interest in fishing song
  205. Abalone boom 'like lottery win' for NZ fishermen
  206. Core area concerns
  207. BIM has announced the agenda for its annual national fishing industry conference
  208. Leading Industry Top Executives​’ join NASF Global White Fish Industry Summit 6/3/14
  209. Norway's fish exports flying high
  210. Seafood economy blown offcourse
  211. Peterhead fishing boat Fear Not being towed to harbour
  212. Scotland's future skippers?
  213. Return for Welsh fish fiesta
  214. Capelin season set to kick off in earnest
  215. Historic access faces the axe
  216. Grimsby takes bull by the horns
  217. Southern fishermen in the eye of the storm
  218. What's in a word?
  219. Greenpeace leader forced to admit climate change exaggerations
  220. Bergen conference calls for seafood co-operation
  221. Search for star fish
  222. The dark side of cod
  223. State-backed fishermen breaking the law
  224. Nick Clegg says Porthleven fishermen should be compensated
  225. Fishermen's Mission - Urgent Appeal
  226. Fishermen seek financial shelter
  227. Fresh African opportunities for EU fleet
  228. One in 93 million
  229. School of fishermen
  230. Star judge for culinary award
  231. Search for Scottish seafood stars
  232. Danish whitefish sector hit hard over lack of EU, Norway deal....
  233. Input sought for shellfish strategy
  234. Pollock or a load of old cobblers?
  235. Get to the Galway Skipper Show A.S.A.P.
  236. HFW......Keep an eye out lads on Tiree
  237. 50 shipping containers lost in English Channel
  238. Local ladies protest
  239. Deep-sea mining 'must responsibly respect ecosystems'
  240. MSC draws a Blanc
  241. Chicago goes to war with Asian carp
  242. FLAG flies over Cork and Kerry
  243. Bright future for Icelandic fishing
  244. US Farm Bill won't impact Vietnamese fish
  245. Fishermen deserve support too
  246. Cornwall fishermen make plea over lost lobster pots
  247. Svendborg Maersk lost 520 containers overboard
  248. NFFO members urged to write to MPs
  249. Sea bird halts London Array wind farm expansion
  250. Fisherman's Friends make triumphant return to national stage