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  1. Trawler detained for under reporting catch
  2. EC deep-sea coral decision inconsistent, says Oceana
  3. US research shows gap between seafood knowledge and cooking
  4. Interpol alerted over fishing crime trawler
  5. Fisheries management courses launched
  6. Young’s goes funky at Asda
  7. Skipper may sell up as whitefish sector ‘on brink’
  8. Sally Jane SM74 lost today,BOTH crew safe
  9. Formaldehyde Detected in Supermarket Fish Imported from Asia
  10. TV boosts Wales' shellfish industry revival
  11. Grimsby Seafood Village reaches 70 per cent occupancy
  12. Workers in fishing industry get access to new free health service
  13. Halls supports fish-based box scheme
  14. NFFO stalwart’s role remembered
  15. Article in todays Cork Newspaper
  16. Man rescued as boat sinks off Co Down
  17. Grimsby FMA announces new look relaunch
  18. Iceland fishing company orders two new vessels - and prepares for fresh fish growth
  19. EFF fraudsters fined
  20. Scotland's top fish and chip shops compete for prestigious award
  21. Guernsey to offer free fishing licences for under-25s
  22. Important new appointments for SFF Services
  23. Crabs in heavy metal test
  24. Russia knows how to deal with Greenpeace
  25. Video special: Out at sea with Filey’s last fishermen
  26. Seafood Summit sustainability message still not getting through - MSC chief
  27. French Film Peterhead
  28. Tuna Off Scotland
  29. Traditional smoked fish needs younger consumers - summit told
  30. Fish fraud exposed horsemeat scandal - seafood summit told
  31. RSPB Scotland 'extinction' warning over falling seabird numbers
  32. French fisherman is plucked from stormy Irish sea
  33. Fishermen caught in a net of bureaucracy
  34. Collective rights 'offer hope for global fisheries'
  35. Scottish Salmon & Langoustine destined for top chef competitions in Italy & Hungary
  36. Saucy Fish joins Rolex and Aston Martin as UK cool brand
  37. O’Donoghue to stay at EAPO
  38. Fresh gains at expense of frozen
  39. WWF & Association of Professional Observers call for measures against IUU fishing
  41. Galway seafood festival draws near
  42. Okhotsk pollock certified
  43. Bluefin Tuna caught off St Kilda
  44. Russia 11 - Ringpiece 0 !! be a cricket score soon lol
  45. Annual uk fishing industry report published today
  46. Update on hm coastguard modernisation programme
  47. any one in mallaig?
  48. Pelagic fleet could tighten its purse strings
  49. NFFO Announces new Chairman-Elect
  50. Sailor VHF Radio parts wanted.
  51. New fisheries patrol boat launched in West Bay
  52. 'Fishing for the Truth' website launched by Scottish Fishermen's Federation
  53. Lifeboat launched after Orkney fishing vessel begins taking on water
  54. Seafood Alert Following Salmonella Outbreak
  55. Decline in numbers of polystyrene fish boxes could be due to disposal problems
  56. Icelandic Fishing Company Increases European Exports
  57. Angler John Wilson wants East Anglian otters controlled
  58. French fisherman faces UK fines
  59. Guide should ensure mollusc safety
  60. Inshore opportunities in southern England
  61. Shetland fish and chip shop wins accolade of best in Scotland
  62. M&S, WWF and Orkney Fishery work together
  63. GPS service to be interrupted during multinational military exercise
  64. Greenpeace And Their Policy Of Lies And Deceit
  65. Icelandic Group poised to net key fish processor
  66. Europeans happy with Canadian outcome
  67. Health of oceans 'declining fast'
  68. Maine lobstermen threatened by climate change and Canada
  69. Iceland scores sustainability double
  70. Haddock offender fined
  71. Certification sought for Canadian lobsters
  72. Sinking trawler saved by Penlee Lifeboat crew
  73. Port Grat abandoned boats 'will be dumped'
  74. Three missing in North Sea ship collision: Dutch coastguard
  75. New UK Fisheries minister announced today
  76. Conservation deal secures fish fingers for generations, says Birds Eye owner
  77. Chippy shortlist unveiled
  78. Scallop ban boosts sealife
  79. Lobstermen nominated for heroism award
  80. 'Let children choose fish'
  81. 'GREAT' plan to boost exports
  82. Quota talks
  83. Flatfish sees rising plaice quotas as time to invest, attract more boats to Grimsby
  84. Scottish and Humber fishing regret at Richard Benyon removal
  85. Germany calling for exporters
  86. Scientists on £20m weather watch
  87. Waitrose well pleased with Macrae
  88. EJF launches urgent alert on illegal fish destined for Korea
  89. Trawler skipper injured by angle grinder off Eastbourne
  90. Isle of Man queenie exports reach £3m mark
  91. Questions over proposed cuts in Marine Scotland's budget
  92. Decline in Scotlands seabirds continues
  93. Solent oyster fishing banned due to 'population collapse'
  94. Two Hunstanton crew men airlifted from stricken boat in heavy seas off Norfolk
  95. Rhona. K149
  96. Last minute offer for VMS
  97. Aberdeenshire projects win EFF funds
  98. Shutdown slowly killing 'Deadliest Catch'
  99. 18-Foot Oarfish Livens Up A 'Leisurely Snorkel' In California
  100. GRIMSBY is the focus for an impressive new Tesco TV advert
  101. Dsm dyneema announces price increase for all fiber and uni-directional product lines
  102. Five figure fine for Fraserburgh vessel
  103. Oystermen and Brewer combine
  104. Penalty paid for safety lapse
  105. Chichester Mayor Launches Charity Christmas Card Appeal
  106. Fishermen save up to £1,400 on training courses ....
  107. Welsh opt for collaborative approach
  108. Eustice meet positive
  109. MMO issues guidance on Thresther Sharks
  110. Icelandic Group to knit tighter set-up
  111. Many die as earthquake destroys fishing port
  112. Coveney fights for irish coastal communities dependent on mackerel
  113. Stuart Agnew MEP hammers EU red tape on gender balancing in fishing
  114. Irish seafood seeks further investment
  115. BBC program that exposes the greenies hypocrasy
  116. Transcend BCK75 and BCK68
  117. Norway names its new Fisheries Minister
  118. Fisheries Observers
  119. Balance of Competences: Fisheries
  120. Northern Irish launch fish fund
  121. High time for high seas protection
  122. Scottish Fishermen’s Federation hosts Ministerial visit to north-east of Scotland
  123. Lifeboat coxes rescued by own boat on Norfolk coast
  124. MEP slams culture of fear in British fishing community
  125. Suspended sentence for fishing at sea without navigation lights
  126. Damanaki welcomes EMFF vote
  127. Eustice to tour Peterhead
  128. Irish promote coastal safety
  129. Seafish head takes Welsh tour
  130. Euro-MP wins another fish fight
  131. Audit slams Norway whitefish processors for poor hygiene
  132. Low levels of heavy metals in cod
  133. Film reveals cruel realities at sea
  134. Shellfish firm wins court battle over colour of rival's premises
  135. Roland Wilson: Cowes Week yacht crash skipper guilty
  136. Arbroath lifeboat tragedy 60th anniversary tribute
  137. Isle of Man patrol vessel improving fishing 'Wild West'
  138. North Devon fisherman culture project secures grant
  139. Peruvian dolphin deaths exposed
  140. Meet the sprat fisherman: 'My boat has always been the centre of my life'
  141. French skipper had a narrow escape
  142. Salmon protestors target rivers trust
  143. Warning over Bluefin Tuna quota
  144. Deal struck on Skagerrak fishing
  145. Anglers angry over return of Keith, the 'rogue' River Severn seal
  146. Bit of a breeze on the way for the 3rd of November guys
  147. New 20-year ban on dredging in Isle of Man seas imposed
  148. Norway may hold separate talks with Faroes on cod quotas
  149. Coastal state fish negotiations
  150. Illegal fishing cost man £13k
  151. All I'll say is LUCKY SOD !!!! Fisherman wins £5.4m for 20p initial stake !!
  152. Poole oyster stocks movement ban over herpes virus
  153. Icelandic trawler runs aground while fishing for herring
  154. 2014 barents sea cod quota is decreased, but remains high
  155. Norwegian seafood council release uk export figures for q3 2013
  156. Skipper fined for misuse of flares
  157. Fisheries shoulder Baltic blame
  158. Shark Experts Descend on Plymouth
  159. Big rise in Norway's Havfisk profits and earnings
  160. Lerwick landings up
  161. Fishmonger finalists revealed
  162. Scots crew suvery launched
  163. New charity launched for Irish fishermen
  164. close to scottish land
  165. Five crew rescued after fishing boat sinks 25 miles off the lizard
  166. Search-and-rescue plane crash lands on Jersey
  167. Fishguard RNLI give early morning tow to stricken scalloper
  168. Humpback whale sighted in North Sea
  169. Celebrity chefs at war over call for Canadian seafood boycott
  170. Film supports safety scheme
  171. MSC Launches German campaign
  172. And they say there's no Cod in the sea....
  173. David Milne wins support of Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association .....
  174. Lower cod prices hits Norway October seafood exports
  175. Fresh crayfish offensive launched
  176. Mystery fish caught near Malaysia could become the world's ugliest animal
  177. Fishing boat named Audacious back to work hours after emergency
  178. MSPs meet with their Irish counterparts
  179. Shetlander lands unusual crab
  180. £10,000 fine for illegal fishing
  181. Solway Harvester demolition to begin on Isle of Man
  182. Scots trawler skipper dies after plunging into water at marina
  183. Another skipper corssed the bar
  184. Morecambe Bay cockle-picker tragedy: Sisters jailed again
  185. Rare sturgeon fished-up escapes being dished-up
  186. Grimsby takes fish market message to Iceland
  187. Large Northumberland offshore windfarm passed
  188. More "Greenie" nonsense
  189. Solway Firth cockle study could see beds reopened
  190. Scrapping brings end to 'macabre' Solway Harvester site
  191. Skipper expo int. Bristol commercial fisheries show hailed a great success
  192. Landmark concordat for coastal development in England
  193. Record seal pup births on Calf of Man
  194. Lyme Bay fisherman airlifted after severing thumb
  195. Clam found off Iceland was 507 - "the oldest animal on Earth"..
  196. Staffing for Staffin
  197. Solway study warms Lochhead’s cockles
  198. Baby lobsters released on to Weymouth Bay reef
  199. Peterhead Fraserburgh Fish Processors: Peterhead market January 2014
  200. Bid to stop fishing industry’s civil war
  201. Plaice academy: Shetland winners announced
  202. Boats ordered to stop fishing.
  203. How your supermarket 'fresh' fish can be THREE weeks old
  204. EU joins US in Effort to Strengthen Shark Finning Ban Atlantic Tuna Body
  205. United States lands more fish - but consumption falls
  206. RNLB Mary STanford
  207. Jobs lost as Fraserburgh fish processor G&J Jack closes
  208. Trawlers laid up in Irish fish quota row
  209. Special instruction sessions for fishermen in Shetland and Orkney on the use of PFD's
  210. Countdown begins for the UK’s No1 FOOD FESTIVAL
  211. RNLI backs lifejacket project
  212. Falkland Islands’ trout farm
  213. Urgent reforms needed to change tuna longline fisheries
  214. Macduff Shellfish buys four scallop boats from Saltire Seafoods
  215. Campaigners call for review of Guernsey Sea Fisheries
  216. Scottish Seafood Association re-establishes historic meeting ...
  217. Poland Baltic Cod in for MSC
  218. Check your EPIRBS guys
  219. Petition demanding a fair share of Quotas for Irish fishermen
  220. Fishing accident leads to amputated hand
  221. Innovation and investment delivers prestigious Food Manufacturing....
  222. SFF Personal Flotation Device roadshow heads for Scrabster
  223. MSC Science Series
  224. Video of the Ajax TO32 at the nets
  225. Gigantic trawler detained over suspected illegal fishing
  226. Donald Sutherland: ‘Fish suppers in Angus are the finest’
  227. A Search Underway ..
  228. Iceland fishing conference told of Kofi annan pleas to help Africa
  229. Grimsby Market receives quality haddock boost from Norway
  230. NFFO Questions commercial fishing needs addressed in new MCZ's
  231. EU add 3 countries to IUU blacklist
  232. Norwegians cast net for Scots business
  233. Dutch trawler face Mackerel fines
  234. Lease of life for low impact fishermen
  235. Google Earth reveals secret, gigantic Persian Gulf fish traps
  236. Innovative project to protect seabed habitat a success in shetland
  237. Free fishing course launched in Wales
  238. First Regional Symposium on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the ...
  239. Jurassic clues to current declining size of marine life
  240. Busy times mean latest deep-water quay into immediate use at lerwick
  241. Anglers need not complain about quotas
  242. EFF funding in England open until 30/06/2014
  243. Vigo-based co-operative AGARBA has been awarded MSC certification for Barents Sea Cod
  244. EU's GAP2 Exchange programme offer grants worth over €40,000
  245. Anstruther lads have their hands full
  246. Sandeel fishing linked to Scottish seabird decline
  247. Buckie Shipyard assets bought from administrators by Macduff Shipyards
  248. Fishing company takes delivery of new super 'green' trawler
  249. Man rescued after Kirkcudbright fishing boat fall
  250. M&S recall Scottish mussel products after alert