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  1. Environmental concern at EMFF
  2. €12.9 billion in subsidies to fishing sector
  3. Fishy thoughts initiative launched
  4. Warning over 'hidden' plan to expand euro fishing fleets
  5. The Prince of Wales attends the closing session of the "Fishing Into The Future" work
  6. The Economic Failure of the French Fishing sector:The Court of Auditor' Secret Report
  7. Fishing quota: Big producers lose reallocation battle
  8. Fishermen cast line of enquiry to government minister
  9. Fisheries Minister enters lion's den - and emerges unscathed
  10. Shellfish celebration heads to the coast
  11. Chip shop owner honoured by the Queen
  12. Biscay fishermen face cuts
  13. HMRC tax fraud inquiry into Scottish fishing industry
  14. Thresher sharks stun prey with tail slaps
  15. Greenpeace protesters climbing up The Shard in London
  16. Irish safety initiative launched
  17. Tories talk tough over EMFF vote
  18. Fisherman rescued after boat sinks off the isle of wight
  19. Smart fishing vessels: Advancing ocean observations and data sharing by fisheries
  20. Hefty fine for Newlyn scallopers
  21. Danish firm sells contaminated fish oil
  22. Findus bond could open door to new growth
  23. Fishing company sells trawler and quota in £3.5m deal
  24. Scotland seeks fairer share of EMFF
  25. Press Release from SWFPO Ltd attending the Fishing for the Future Conference Brixham
  26. Grimsby wins £3.3 milion funding for seafood sector
  27. Humber fish box entrepreneur Peter Davey retires
  28. Marine consultation launched for eastern england
  29. Funding for East African artisans
  30. Fishing into the Future provides a useful forum for the development of new management
  31. Prince says it's OK to eat cod
  32. MSC makes impressive impact
  33. Icelanders snap up mackerel quotas
  34. Expo-tations high for Bristol event
  35. Concerns raised over wind farm proposals
  36. New marine zone plans scrapped by minister
  37. Nafc marine centre produce a guide on how to identify marine aliens
  39. EU blacklists various boats
  40. European Fish Stocks Poised for Recovery
  41. Puffin census on Farne Islands shows numbers rising
  42. Manx fishing community consulted over conservation laws
  43. Fresh claims for English MCZs
  44. Six figure fines for Nova Scotian offenders
  45. Scottish prawn fisherman reels in monstrous 44 kilo halibut
  46. Are out fish stocks being wiped out?
  47. Giant Tuna Capsizes Hawaiian Fisherman's Boat
  48. River Avon 'could be stripped' of fish
  49. Sainsbury’s still selling mainland farmed salmon labeled from Skye,Lewis,Uist
  50. Warning about 'dodgy' fish sellers
  51. Shark laws clarified
  52. UK adds eLoran as GPS backup
  53. TV Fish Fight campaigner faces seafood industry leaders
  54. Scottish seabird colonies decimated by coldest spring in 50 years
  55. Fishing company generates 170 summer jobs from mackerel and herring catches
  56. Reminder for those transferring under-10-metre vessel licences with capped history
  57. EU players concerned over state of pangasius industry
  58. Oriental connection to net new business
  59. Sea temperature affects west Highland fishermen
  60. Iceland fishing fleet reports drop in earnings
  61. Analyst's job at Seafish
  62. UK Universities’ New Fast-track To MSC Certified Fish On Their Menus
  63. Action plan announced by Scottish Government for prawn and white fisheries
  64. Scottish Government launches draft of National Marine Plan
  65. Mitchell praises Brixham workshop
  66. Northumberland inshore vacancy
  67. Shetland shellfish sites close after high toxin levels found
  68. Fishing skipper denies drunken Mayday call
  69. UK’s biggest MSC fishery client achieves first recertification
  70. Tense standoff in British waters as reef project is completed
  71. Fisherman's Friends story set for big screen
  72. Regal award for Dingwall business
  73. EU seeks high seas protection
  74. Canadian scallops certified
  75. Rare orange lobster at Padstow hatchery
  76. Parachute mine 'netted' by boat off Weymouth Bay
  77. Gibraltar border delays end amid Spain row
  78. More Mackerel and Herring in Faroese waters
  79. Hull's lost trawlermen memorial competition winner unveiled
  80. TV fisherman asked to take life at sea to Twitter
  81. Seafood integrity theme of Humber fish summit
  82. Prince shows FLAG support
  83. Spanish fishermen make threats over Gibraltar
  84. Press release: UKAFPO
  85. Killer whales play near Shetland family's boat
  86. Fishermen rescued from stricken vessel off Manx coast
  87. Aberdeenshire fisheries fund projects gain £72,000
  88. Prince Charles meets members of fishing industry
  89. Raised levels of bacteria in west coast cockles
  90. Norway eyes Turkey as potential new market for fish
  91. Buchan nets ambassadorial role
  92. Icelanders report good mackerel numbers
  93. Lerwick improvements pay off
  94. Poachers' net off Lewis kills porpoise and salmon
  95. Macduff Shellfish deal could secure Stornoway jobs
  96. Gullberg TG965 - sunk this morning all crew saved
  97. L.É. NIAMH responded to a request for assistance from Irish F/V Saint Clair SO811
  98. Fishstock Brixham Press Release for immediate use:
  99. Kildalloig Bay closed for common cockles
  100. MMO sets up first framework agreement
  101. Why Chinese flock to a Brighton chippy
  102. English Channel scallop deal agreed
  103. NAFC Marine Centre Undertakes Fish Tagging Around Shetland
  104. Course boosts fishing's next generation
  105. Father and son rescued off East Haven ( Arbroath )
  106. Hull Ex-fishermen want bullnose rethink over St Andrew's Quay memorial
  107. Our biggest polluters: Water companies revealed to be worst for incidents
  108. Quiz: do you know your sea fish?
  109. Now Spanish fishermen plot a blockade in Gibraltar feud
  110. Seafish appoints two directors
  111. Fleetwood looks to Grimsby for fish park inspiration
  112. Scallop fishing extra effort exchanged for closure observations
  113. Fishing boat sinks in port at the Isle of Man
  114. Prospect BF573 , been ashore up at Lerwick
  115. Report reveals 260 UK fishing boat accidents in 2012
  116. New report identifies English marine resources and activities
  117. Only cod and haddock will do for fish and chips, says top restaurant critic
  118. Fish shift to cooler climes
  119. Cod top Norwegian export trends
  120. Lifeboat whisky up for grabs
  121. Norwegian seafood exports see slump in prawns but rise in cod
  122. Norway Seafoods sells processing operations in France to cooperative company
  123. Pick it, Dress it, Eat it - demos aim to take the fear out of cooking and ....
  124. Lower cod prices dent Havfisk 2nd quarter earnings
  125. HB Grandi trawler refit well underway
  126. Fishing boats collide in sea off Redcar
  127. New fisherman to show what life on board a trawler is really like
  128. Seafish set to cut whitefish levy
  129. Lifeboat called as fishing boat suffers gearbox failure
  130. DEFRA stats might prove inshore aids
  131. MSC documentary approaches
  132. McArthur condemns threat to future of Orkney Fish Producers Organisation
  133. Mackerel production running at full speed
  134. Utilizing top quality characteristics could improve Norwegian frozen cod exports
  135. Greenland fisheries enter MSC assessment
  136. Norwegian fishing industry looks to future
  137. Scots exports surge
  138. Marketing vacancy at Seafood Scotland
  139. Haddock demand strong, despite high prices
  140. MMO and NFFO meet to resolve issues
  141. Calling all talented Cornish fishmongers
  142. Grimsby fish processors welcome levy cut proposal
  143. Lifeboatman rewarded for half century of service
  144. Room for improvement admits MMO
  145. 2 new boats building to replace Marbella and Arctic Warrior
  146. Happy haddock award for Lincoln chippy
  147. Fish mislabelling continues apace
  148. Humber agenda finalised
  149. Gibraltar - Proof its ALL about fishing
  150. Britain to fight dirty over Gibraltar hostility by using EU veto to block Spain's pla
  151. Face of fishing explains Twitter campaign
  152. First UK commercial fishing skills graduates receive certificates
  153. Potential for secondary producers as shrimp disease affects.....
  154. Statement from Thomas Hay Honorary Chairman FAL
  155. 127 Marine Conservation Zones - Ditching Dogma
  156. Crew of sinking boat saved by Bridlington vessel
  157. Isle of Man rescue success
  158. M&J Seafood signs deal to stock Anglesey Sea Bass
  159. Historical records provide insight into current UK marine stocks
  160. Scientists accuse ministers of putting UK seas and marine life in peril
  161. Fish and chips for tea it is!Angler smashes world record by catching 37-stone halibut
  162. Compare the following 2 reports from Gibraltar , BBC and SKY.....
  163. Leading retail names signed up for Humber Seafood Summit
  164. Bristol to host new commercial fishing show
  165. Welsh fishermen unite to meet 21st century challenges
  166. Crabstock looks for volunteers for national logo
  167. Canadian conservation groups says investigation is scapegoating fishermen
  168. Isle of Man lifeboat in fishing boat rescue
  169. Aberdeen City Council: Provide some funds & somwhere for proper trawlermen's memorial
  170. Cordon Noir Society samples Scottish seafood
  171. SeaFish - Coverless prawn trawl paper
  172. Viola: the trawler that fought World War One
  173. Fishing course makes waves in Brixham
  174. Plymouth attempts to become first Fish2Fork blue city
  175. Safety initiative for NI fishermen
  176. Peterhead suffers from herring shortage
  177. MMO makes predictions for Britain’s south seas
  178. Tropic Of Whitburn! Shocked Fisherman Hauls Up Swordfish In His Nets
  179. Lifeboat rescues fishermen off Donegal coast
  180. Buckie Shipyard jobs go as firm in administration
  181. New pingers requirements from September 1
  182. Campbeltown trawler fire explained
  183. Record landings likely for Shetland
  184. Fishing crew declare emergency after big leak
  185. Irish blue mussel sector gains MSC ecolabel
  186. UK fisheries and conservation authorities seek fishing experts
  187. New Japanese seafood alert after radiation spill
  188. Skipper Expo Int. Bristol commercial fisheries show hailed a great success
  189. Shrimp-based supplement to combat high blood pressure
  190. Video shows Tweets from the Deep day
  191. MSC’s race to the Poles
  192. Humber Summit hits Twitter
  193. Sealord hid toothfish operations in Indian Ocean from competitors
  194. Islanders' phone signal restored after jamming trawler leaves harbour
  195. MMO plans public drop-in sessions for marine plans
  196. Ban on domestic sale of insecticide welcomed by fisheries groups
  197. Trawler runs aground off the Lizard
  198. Trawlerman's fishy 'gold bar' find off Falmouth sees cops swoop
  199. Irish shellfish industry invited to information sessions
  200. Norway's new processing dawn
  201. Aussie anger over reserves
  202. Brit-f-ish
  203. Cromer crab processing returns to Norfolk seaside town
  204. Sponsors sign up for Humber event
  205. Grimsby company funds heart-felt cause
  206. The feeding of the 50,000
  207. Persistence pays for Welsh 'monger
  208. Cabinet summer tour arrives in Fraserburgh
  209. Proposed closed fishery areas in Australia...and we thought our shower were bad !!
  210. Fishermen rescued from stricken vessel off Manx coast
  211. More money made available for storm damaged Scottish harbours
  212. PHD Student Tackles Scallop Habitat Survey in English Channel
  213. New £1.5m harbour set to be built on the Western Island of Barra
  214. Funding available for Irish Sea fisheries
  215. Seventh heaven for Dorset chippies
  216. Tuna landed on Peterhead market this morning
  217. Hull Central Dry Dock amphitheatre plan to be decided
  218. Students complete commercial fishing course
  219. Fisherman’s Pride introduces range of mussel products
  220. Smoked fish firms shine at fine foods contest
  221. French fishers gain Antarctic award
  222. Shetland lesson for top fryers
  223. Ray report misunderstood
  224. Scottish seafood awareness success in Asia
  225. Whitefish producers add class to the classroom
  226. Scots' sustainability initiatives praised
  227. HB Grandi's quota increases to 11 per cent of national share
  228. One in ten million orange lobster caught by fisherman off west coast
  229. Body found in sea off Angus by fisherman
  230. Peterhead's £40million plan looks to the future of fishing
  231. Oban plays host to shellfish growers annual conference
  232. 'Smart fishing vessels' workshop in Newfoundland
  233. Swedes blamed for Baltic volte-face
  234. Man lost Overboard.
  235. Lifeboat guides stricken fishing boat into harbour
  236. Westermost Rough study into wind turbine marine life damage
  237. Summer surge in Norway cod exports
  238. Rare catch sparks sturgeon alert
  239. Stirring Up Ocean Floor Can Boost Fish Populations
  240. Norway Conservative election victory could herald new fishing policy
  241. Inspector’s post available at MAIB
  242. Welsh minister seeks fishermen’s input
  243. Stranraer harbour wall repairs package agreed
  244. Royal assent for Scots seafood
  245. reef-protection-consultation-underway
  246. Blobfish voted world's ugliest animal
  247. Loch Melfort and Seil Sound closed for shellfish harvesting
  248. Ireland's best young fishmonger sought
  249. Summit expected to reach new heights
  250. Mintlaw's Macduff Shellfish acquires Stornoway factory