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  1. Fishermen demand MPA protocol
  2. A £3.2 million regeneration project at Southwold Harbour in Suffolk almost complete
  3. European Social Partners disappointed over fisheries absence..........
  4. Looking for,5 Cylinder radial piston CALZONI hydraulic motor. USED
  5. How Britain Worked - Tonight Channel 4 8pm
  6. Fishing boosts Norway economy
  7. NAFC Marine Centre publishes marine renewables guidelines for Shetland Islands
  8. Remember the mariners during 'Make a Will Month'
  9. Iceland fleet nets higher returns from fishing
  10. UK fishing 'serves up 200 trillion fish meals' since war
  11. UK Fisheries Minister makes a special visit to NAFC Marine Centre
  12. Norwegian Seafood Council prawns confirmed as Friend of the Sea
  13. MEPs vote to close 'shark finning' loopholes
  14. EU shows yellow card to eight countries over illegal fishing
  15. BIM continues with innovation workshops for fisheries
  16. Creels Stolen
  17. Cope secures EU approval on removal of measures affecting inshore and island fisherme
  18. Two fishermen rescued after boat fire off Co Waterford coast
  19. West country fishermen reject Scottish demands on mackerel quotas
  20. Another great accolade for Fishstock Brixham‏
  21. Top US economist warns Iceland not to interfere with fish quota system
  22. Work starts on third and fourth marine planning areas in England
  23. For those in peril on the sea... Terrifying images of fishing boat being battered ...
  24. Help with anchor please.
  25. Brand new fishing boat hits rocks at Iceland , rescue footage
  26. Fishing vessel assisted after break-down
  27. Irish seafood company enters into French joint venture
  28. Applications invited for English 2013 catch quota trials
  29. Fishing industry queries large sums of money paid to environmental groups
  30. Dolphin boat tours 'greater risk to animals' than commercial vessels
  31. Conditions Relaxed for Construction of Fishing Vessels : Spain.....
  32. Fisheries Local Action Group announces £475,000 funding pot
  33. Plans for world's largest offshore wind farm in Moray Firth backed
  34. Support sought for red bag scallop scheme
  35. Falklands’ fishing company seeking good management label from MSC
  36. Trial proves we can halt scandal of fish wasted eu rules
  37. Major Alasdair Campbell
  38. Marine protection network could be worth £10bn says report
  39. Small boat inshore seine net fishing in Norway
  40. Rescue operation underway after fishing vessel loses power
  41. Scott blasts SNP
  42. Corpach shellfish processor GlenIsla could close
  43. Raids target foreign fish worker exploitation
  44. sad to hear
  45. RNLI moves to High Street retail
  46. wanted 2 ton trawl winch and transducer winch any help would be apricated
  47. Boat in seven-hour Orkney rescue mission
  48. Fishing boat fire leads to court fine P
  49. MMO funds on the table
  50. Fishermen rescued from sinking ship
  51. Seaman in hospital with head injuries after North Sea rescue
  52. Loss of the S.S. Gaul, off Tiree, in 1926
  53. Giant sunfish washed up on Overstrand beach in Norfolk
  54. Irish fisheries minister welcomes exports to China
  55. Norway Pelagic announces increases investment in Shetland Catch
  56. Galway Protest planned
  57. Drift net ban decried
  58. NFFO and Scottish PFA discuss South West mackerel handline quota
  59. Billingsgate Seafood School award goes to Hastings Fisherman's Protection Society
  60. Strong early interest in Skipper Expo International Aberdeen
  61. Chairman re-elected to NFFO West Coast Committee
  62. Aberdeen smokery to take part in Queen's Coronation festival
  63. Increase in disease among Lundy Island MCZ lobsters
  64. French trawler Bara Brenn ashore at Castletownbere Ireland tonight , crew ok
  65. Fishing boat rescue caught on camera by RNLI volunteers
  66. European Fisheries Fund panel application deadline in January
  67. WFF accuses UK Government of a lack of commitment to MCZ’s
  68. Scots seek crown's jewels
  69. Scottish Marine Protected Areas scheme to be unveiled
  70. Seafish appoints new chairwoman to board
  71. FLAG group launched for Irish North-West region
  72. Crab expansion underway
  73. Applications invited for Crown awards
  74. Master and vessel owner fined for fisheries offences
  75. Fish balls withdrawn from sale in Scotland
  76. Scots ministers assess storm response
  77. Fish boxes used in CEFAS discard ban trial
  78. Make your voices heard on protection zones, fishermen urged
  79. Aberdeenshire fishing ports receive £2.5m European funding boost
  80. European Fisheries Fund gives boost to Scottish industry
  81. This is what we're up against guys
  82. Fishermen arrested after boat rescue off Campbeltown loch
  83. Merry Christmas
  84. Macduff Shellfish buys Dumfries firm Scott Trawlers
  85. Fishing boat catches World War II mine in nets off Brixham
  86. What’s the story?
  87. Capelin Klondike
  88. Marine Scotland to host inshore fisheries conference
  89. Diesel engine concept gets go-ahead from UK Ministry of Defence
  90. Controversial fish reform bill laid before Iceland Parliament
  91. UK NFFO rejects Greenpeace report on fishing organisation
  92. Reform of aquaculture and wild fishing sectors is welcomed
  93. Amity star Jimmy ready to 
make fresh waves in TV world
  94. Storm force - Scotland experiences the highest seas in the world
  95. Canadian seafood industry eyes UK market as free trade deal moves closer
  96. Tracey leaves Hull on a Mission to the Falklands
  97. Anger over fish quota of foreign fleet linked to Lowestoft
  98. MMO announces European Fisheries Fund deadlines for final year
  99. BIM Seafood Summit on 'becoming a global seafood Player'
  100. Fishing industry's reliance on ice called into question
  101. Sunken trawler findings published
  102. Disgusting attitude by Scottish Government
  103. Mussels buoyed by supermarket initiative
  104. Irish seafood summit on the cards
  105. The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther receives £75,000
  106. Fisherman's Friends singer Trevor Grills still 'fighting for his life'
  107. New England fishermen face serious cod quota cuts
  108. Sonar system comes to Holland
  109. Fisherman's Friends' Trevor Grills dies after G Live accident
  110. Fishing giant forced to ‘review’ membership claims after Greenpeace exposé
  111. Canadian researchers develop anti fish fraud data base
  112. MPAs dominate Devon discussion
  113. Morrisons joins fishermen’s safety scheme
  114. Another Sad Day.
  115. Brixham skipper fined for fishing in Guernsey waters without licence
  116. Fishermen invite Greenpeace on board
  117. Cornish fisherman fined for producing fake safety course certificates
  118. Scottish fishing fleet develops innovative trawls to reduce discards & conserve fish
  119. Welsh fishermen develop best practice scallop fisheries management strategy
  120. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sticking his nose where its not needed again
  121. Hugh’s fish sh**e
  122. More Sad News..
  123. Seafish picks up Hugh's gauntlet
  124. Fishermen wary of MCZ overkill
  125. Scallop fishery seeks sustainability recognition
  126. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: 'I want to dictate the taste of the nation'
  127. Drug residues 'alter fish behaviour'
  128. UK seafood companies urged to grab new export opportunities
  129. Hopes of more Iceland fish following trade visit
  130. Fishing industry warns against knee-jerk Marine Protected Areas
  131. New board members at the Marine Management Organisation
  132. RNLI lifeboat tows fishing vessel with fouled propeller
  133. Northumberland and Southern inshore fisheries and conservation authorities seek....
  134. Search continues for missing Nova Scotia fishermen
  135. Productive year for Peterhead
  136. Iceland fishing company to lay up freezer trawler in move towards fresh fish
  137. NFFO hears south east concerns at packed meeting
  138. Norwegian krill fishing company features on Hugh’s Fish Fight
  139. Fisheries prove a positive success
  140. Inshore roles up for grabs
  141. SFF calls on government to help boost fish prices
  142. Five fishermen rescued off Cork
  143. Scottish seafood value already maximised, says Scottish Fisheries Minister
  144. US National Fisheries Institute calls for current fish fraud laws to be enforced
  145. Lochhead backs fish drive
  146. Fishermen rescued by helicopter after boat sinks
  147. Photos from fishing in Kenya
  148. DEREK CLARK: Fishermen do not deserve nonsense they must endure
  149. SFF underlines backing for Marine Protected Areas - when supported by science
  150. Vessels sought for fishing gear trials
  151. Safe shellfish on the agenda
  152. Scotland achieves Fair Trade Nation status
  153. Victors hail Scottish haddock
  154. Iceland fishing fleet earnings up by six per cent last year
  155. Fully kitted-out under-10m boats head to Aberdeen Skipper Expo
  156. Gourmet Irish seafood brand branches into Tesco and Dunnes Stores
  157. Pembrokeshire Fish Week Festival 2013
  158. So much for Norway's "No Discards" rules...
  159. Switch To Fish, Humber merchants urge British shoppers
  160. Fishermen’s Mission and RNLI road show puts lifejackets and soup first!
  161. Boat attacked in Dorset over 'scallop turf-war'
  162. SFF welcomes supports for sustainably caught Scottish haddock from fish frying sector
  163. US court brands whale activists Sea Shepherd 'pirates'
  164. This is why we should demand an end to Panginus imports
  165. Absolutely shocking from Morrisons
  166. Retailers urged to source local seafood
  167. Coastal communities students graduate from fishing course
  168. Pelagic industry leaders to get together at NASF
  169. SFP urges supply chain to work together to support sustainable shrimp feed ....
  170. Chief executive of maritime and coastguard agency meets the fishermen’s mission
  171. Maritime charity says training is key to tackling dementia crisis
  172. Scots could duck fish fight
  173. Ocean Venture II PD340 trawling for Haddock , North Sea February 2013, 1376 boxes
  174. MMO asks for customers' views
  175. Fishing vessel rescued off Flamborough
  176. Iceland fishing chief delivers strong attack on quota reforms
  177. Research call by Scottish FSA
  178. Bugaled Breizh trawler sinking: Petition calls for debate
  179. MacDuff eyes American market
  180. Whitefish sustainability on the rise
  181. Fishermen kept abreast of renewables encroachment
  182. Duchess of Cambridge cheered in Grimsby
  183. Saucy Fish shortlisted for top US seafood prize
  184. Shetland changes boundaries closed to scallop dredging
  185. Crabstock to talk about facts not fiction
  186. Spanish face mackerel penalties
  187. Buccaneer sets sail for Orkney
  188. Coast Guard searching for members of fishing vessel off Eastern Shore(USA)
  189. The Real Fish Fight - Support Our Fishing Communities
  190. UK fish vessels praise lifeboat aid
  191. Almost £600,000 of quota to benefit under 10-metre fishermen
  192. Skipper Expo Int. Galway 2013 hailed an outstanding success
  193. BIM launches new training guide at Irish Skipper Expo
  194. Northern Ireland heads to Boston Seafood expo
  195. Dalgety Bay seafood now particle free
  196. RNLI considering lifeboat station for Stonehaven
  197. Fisherman trawls through courts
  198. Lowestoft fishing trawler the Mincarlo to re-open to the public
  199. Scottish seafood takes on Boston show
  200. Traditional Grimsby smoked fish showcased at top London event
  201. Maine lobsters certified as sustainable by MSC
  202. Third time lucky for Young Scottish Seafood Chef of the Year
  203. Nephrops plan open to tender
  204. Lifeboat launch area washed away by tides and storms
  205. Inspection reveals fishing boats with defects
  206. Fishing boat owners fined after whiting quota exceeded
  207. Shark Proposals Adopted at CITES Committee Meeting
  208. Rebecca Elizabeth S228
  209. Reference website for the fishing industry
  210. Lossie bunker tribute to fishing heritage
  211. New chairman for Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group
  212. Seafood Scotland hosts fact finding visit by Marine Conservation Society
  213. Research supports importance of sensitive habitats for fisheries
  214. Capelin head south in numbers
  215. Fisherman rescued after falling overboard off dorset coast
  216. Fisherman rescued after boat fall off Weymouth
  217. Shark liver oil: When Scots hunted big sharks
  218. RAC reflections
  219. Prawn treatment support
  220. Arklow RNLI Tows Stricken Whelk Vessel To Harbour
  221. UK fisheries film released
  222. EVENT INVITATION: UK's 1st Fish Co-op launch 27th March
  223. Report suggests live cod catch will add more value
  224. Countdown to all things fishy at Pembrokeshire Fish Week
  225. Fishing boat owner fined for failing to complete logbook
  226. HB Grandi's Venus reports huge amounts of fish in Barents Sea
  227. Troubled fishing vessel rescued off Isle of Man coast
  228. Three fishermen rescued after boat hits rocks near Skye
  229. Mike Park's North Sea row raises almost £50,000
  230. Big fish catches mean smaller fish - Bangor scientists
  231. Seafood Scotland welcomes Marine Conservation Society visit
  232. Minch swimmers show lifeboat largesse
  233. Volunteers sought for English inshore fisheries and conservation authority posts
  234. Fishermen rescued after propeller fouled
  235. UK shellfish industry to gather for 44th annual conference
  236. Scottish fisheries chief sets out year of challenge for fishing industry
  237. MMO : Days at Sea: Cod Recovery Zone
  238. Harassment by Irish Fishery Ofice yet again
  239. Young's Seafood chief hails NASF global gathering in Norway
  240. Decommissioning call by the catching sector
  241. Wave of prawn deaths baffles Chile city of Coronel
  242. Peterhead reports decline in volume and value of fish landings
  243. Irish ambitions to become global player in seafood industry
  244. European Seafood Exposition and Seafood Processing Europe
  245. Northern Irish seafood company diversifies into convenience meals
  246. Bara An Aod
  247. Irish Fisherman survives 30 minutes overboard.
  248. Hull's lost trawlermen: Design competition for memorial
  249. Portugese fisherman with head injuries airlifted to hospital
  250. Yorkshire’s champion chippie in sustainable fish first