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  1. Cod, haddock, herring and crab seek MSC approval
  2. Fergal (Fairy) Walsh
  3. North-east divers discover WWI trawler wreck 'by accident'
  4. Grimsby captures major new seafood investment and 100 plus jobs
  5. European social partners propose transposing decent standards...
  6. OCEANA selects KLINTS BANK and of GOTLAND as a location for ....
  7. Shetland trawler catches 'biggest oyster'
  8. Missing Fishing Vessel - Weymouth
  9. Ocean Safety’s Aberdeen depot now fully operational
  10. Animal testing phased out for toxic shellfish monitoring
  11. Two missing fishermen to Belle-Ile
  12. Four vacancies for Scottish seafood project
  13. Autumn launch for A&F Bill
  14. HB Grandi snubbed at Olympics
  15. Minister to look at voluntary decommiossioning scheme for under 10m fleet
  16. Young’s to close Cumbrian sites
  17. UK concordat avoids Scottish bias
  18. Seafood factories in Seaham and Whitehaven 'likely to close'
  19. NZ bans foreign-flagged vessels
  20. World’s largest MPA proposed
  21. Spain encouraging their fishermen to poach in Gibraltar waters
  22. Cromer clings on to crab business
  23. NI Marine Bill explained
  24. Fishstock Brixham 2012‏
  25. Damanaki unveils "Blue Growth" as new European fish economy drive
  26. Over 140 new jobs to be created with €15.5 million investment in seafood processing
  27. Mission event may be swansong for Aberdeen choir
  28. Fears livelihoods are being threatened by green energy plans
  29. RNLI rescues two fishing boats in one mission
  30. Aberdeen fishing memorial considered by Fishermen's Mission
  31. Peterhead Harbour rescue man airlifted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
  32. Rooney Fish catches seafood business in Japan
  33. Shetland fishermen rescued after Whalsay grounding
  34. Demand for Scottish Government to curb coastal salmon netting....
  35. UK Fisheries Economic Network seeks feedback on Best Practice Guidelines
  36. Soup opera comes to Cullen
  37. Electronic Logbooks Ireland
  38. UK and German cod, haddock and saithe fisheries achieve MSC Certification
  39. Cornic sustainable scallops reach French supermarkets with .....
  40. Clyde Coastguard to hold public meeting on closure of the Clyde Coastguard Station
  41. Broken down fishing boat rescued by Barrow lifeboat
  42. North Sea nephrops at pivotal point
  43. Orkney to host fish talks
  44. New Marine protection zones expected next month
  45. Emergency boat repair solution by Boat Bog to debut...
  46. Norway embarks on major trawler building programme
  47. Friers tuck into Seafish approval
  48. River restoration inspires record herring rebound
  49. MMO to confirm next marine plan areas in England
  50. Cocktail of success for Scottish prawn fishermen
  51. Video trawling trials to be extended
  52. Record year for Danish fishing fleet
  53. Agreement for 70 per cent discards cut
  54. EC Fishiries minister visits Greenland
  55. Cod programme reaches milestone
  56. English traditional coastal fisheries make plans for future generations
  57. Fishermen on film
  58. Galway decision delay
  59. Two Irish fishing boats ground off west coast of Scotland
  60. Guernsey fishermen call for improved port facilities
  61. Anger as Newlyn fishermen's cafe closes
  62. Member crossed the bar
  64. Norway winning war on illegal fishing
  65. Scot gov - european fisheries funding
  66. Alnmaritec Press Release - Faroe - 8th June 2012
  67. Norway prepares North Sea management plan
  68. 2013 barents sea cod quota increase is sign of sustainability success
  69. Inshore-ance for England’s traditional fisheries
  70. UK Government does u-turn on funds for emergency towing vessel for Scotland
  71. Safety concerns prompt Solway Harvester wreck disposal
  72. Irish to fly the FLAG
  73. Mapping the future of renewables
  74. The great British fish swap
  75. Iceland fish supplies return to normal as trawler protest ends
  76. Starlight Rays tragedy assessed
  77. Oz fishermen unimpressed with MPAs
  78. Cromer Lifeboat called to help local fisherman in ‘dire straits’
  79. Pembrokeshire Needs Your Help - Petition Against Marine Conservation Zone
  80. Iceland set to raise cod catch to 196,000 tons
  81. Members sought for English IFCAs
  82. Fish NGOs under fire for trotting out tired old slogans
  83. Iceland haddock quota figure
  84. 'Signs of recovery' for fishing in Firth of Clyde
  85. Warnings over Scottish west coast prawn fishing
  86. Logbook offences cost owner and master over £38,000
  87. Korean seafood warning after human waste found in some products
  88. Major European retailer slammed for false sustainable fish claims
  89. Squids in
  90. Mixed fortunes for Peterhead
  91. Slowest Greenland sharks hunts sleeping prey
  92. Sheltand fisheries gains European funding
  93. Scottish scalloper pleads guilty to 13 offences
  94. Special relationship with Norway
  95. Anger as Iceland trebles fishing licence fees
  96. Bait Dispenser in Development
  97. Seafood giants at centre of intense buyout speculation
  98. Scots mussels certified
  99. Preparing for the Humber summit
  100. French supermarket confuses fish consumers
  101. Map of proposed and actual offshore wind farms
  102. Haddock panels vote Scottish the best!
  103. Scotland to replace FSA
  104. Norwegian Coast Guard arrests Portugese trawler for third time
  105. Norway better than our way
  106. Dredger fined for illegal fishing in Lyme Bay
  107. Call to boycott Scottish salmon
  108. Golden era for Donegal seafood firm
  109. CRISP future for cod
  110. NFFO sets out its stall
  111. Fisherman severs two fingers while pulling nets aboard vessel
  112. Entrepreneur calls in the experts to hook extra fish sales
  113. Errigal Seafood thanks staff for 50 golden years
  114. Anger as major supermarkets reject Scottish mackerel
  115. Calls for ban on prawn trawlers in the Clyde
  116. Why it pays to shell out on seafood:.......
  117. Seafox nets £250,000 in fishing grants after first year in business
  118. Blue-print for inshore fisheries?
  119. Grandi ready for pelagic boom
  120. Fishstock Brixham 2012‏
  121. Ministers meet in Iceland
  122. Notching up another lobster success
  123. Dee-Day for sustainable cockles
  124. Scapêche in dispute with Damanaki
  125. Korea to kill whales “to protect fish stocks”
  126. Joint effort to develop Diploma in Seafood Innovation
  127. Crew airlifted from burning boat off Shetland
  128. Youngs to close factory
  129. Grimsby Seafood Village opens for business
  130. Seas can help euro recovery, says Damanaki
  131. Warning against eating shellfish due to rise in levels of natural toxin
  132. Stamp & Go Concert at All Saint's Church Brixham raises £800 for Fishermen's Mission‏
  133. Uk fishing industry report available online
  134. New appointment at Moray Seafoods will boost shellfish development plans
  135. Scottish seafood stars at Oxford event
  136. Scots shellfish given clean bill of health
  137. In like Flynn
  138. Maerl manoeuvre sanctioned
  139. MMO looks back on a decade of change
  140. Ribble Estuary cockles 'dangerous to eat' warning
  141. Fishing jobs go as anger over trawler licences grow
  142. Danes take over Baltic role
  143. Europe to consider plans for 2013
  144. Americans duped by mermaid "documentary"
  145. Sustainable students
  146. Dolphins blamed for deaths of seal pups in Orkney
  147. Australia shark attacks: Would cull work?
  148. Mako wish
  149. Iceland fish values up 25 per cent
  150. Activist launches fresh salmon offensive
  151. Decommissioning better than TFCs
  152. Fines for dab discrepancies
  153. the future of prawn fishing? (royalgreenland's MFV 'ATAMALIK')
  154. Guernsey fishing industry sees boost in confidence
  155. French fishermen fined £10,000
  156. A saithe bet
  157. English MCZs edge closer
  158. London 2012: Sailings to get Hebrides fish to market
  159. Solway Firth cockle gangs are 'out of control'
  160. Three Brixham fishermen rescued after 12 hours on life-raft
  161. Injured Irish fisherman helped by RAF near Peel
  162. Cornish fishermen oppose Falmouth dredging proposal
  163. Scottish Pelagic Industry reaches finals of prestigious international award
  164. Seafish announces success of revolutionary ground impact trial
  165. wanting to become a fisherman
  166. New project begins at nafc marine centre
  167. White fish like cod can help heart health too, say researchers
  168. Iceland reports good hauls of saithe and mackerel
  169. Lansley can learn from fish campaign
  170. 150-million-year-old oyster......
  171. Spanish fishers fined £1.62 million at Truro court for quota abuse
  172. Twenty-four UK fishing vessels lost at sea last year
  173. Council warning on shellfish
  174. Scottish seafood companies to meet Morrisons’ fish buyers
  175. Warner’s to catch more business with new £1.5m facility
  176. Henning Brothers Invests to Grow Export Sales
  177. Lerwick landings plummet
  178. FAL Truth & Fiction : The SNP changes tack
  179. We're going to need a bigger shop!
  180. Fishing agreement gives more control to Isle of Man
  181. Two new areas of marine protection along NI coastline
  182. Fishing industry working hard to improve safety at sea
  183. Oceana satisfied with courts sanctions deterrent enough to prevent overfishing in eu
  184. West Coast Fishing Concern
  185. Mainstream submits £1.4bn plan for Fife wind farm
  186. Master and owner fined for a range of fisheries offences
  187. Cormorant nearly bites off more than it can chew as it devours a cod whole
  188. MMO announces second English area for marine planning
  189. Taoiseach launches plan to double ireland’s ocean wealth
  190. Fishermen wary of NGO “friends”
  191. Grant enables ship's bridge and radar simulator training for fishermen
  192. Marel joins Nor-Fishing Trondheim fair
  193. Villum Foundation award grant to support Balic Sea recovery programme
  194. Edinburgh to host IFM conference
  195. Bluefin Tuna caught by Fiona K.
  196. Fishing boat goes aground off Lochaline, west coast of Scotland
  197. English fisheries scoop £2m
  198. Value of Norwegian seafood exports stabilised last month
  199. WESMAR Introduces New Trawl Sonar
  200. Funding for Ansthruther attraction
  201. Spanish registration overhaul
  202. Aberdeenshire skipper embarks on 400-mile solo voyage to Denmark
  203. Health experts warn against eating shellfish from island after toxins found
  204. Cromer Crab Factory closed, Young's Seafood confirms
  205. Sainsbury's reports soaring sales of lesser known fish species
  206. Fishstock Brixam shortlisted for award
  207. Artisan smokehouse strikes gold at this year¹s great taste awards
  208. There’s summit up in Grimsby
  209. Master and owner to pay over £33,000 for fisheries offences
  210. Fishing for gold at the Olympics
  211. Fisheries offences lead to more than £17,000 in fines
  212. Danish haddock joins hit list
  213. Fisherman fined for hitting Southend Pier
  214. More Scottish jellyfish as temperatures rise
  215. The prawn ultimatum
  216. Seafish calls for participan​ts in economic fleet survey
  217. Funding boost for traditiona​l Scottish and Grimsby smoked fish companies
  218. Trondheim gears up for Nor-Fishin​g exhibition
  219. Fishermen critical of VMS deficiencies
  220. Peterhead Harbour Open Day, 2012
  221. Fishing boat Audacious rescue under way in North Sea
  222. Fishing smack Esther may not be saved after sinking in Grimsby dock
  223. Pollution clean-up after two fishing boats sink
  224. Site chosen for lost Hull trawlermen memorial
  225. Inner Moray Firth fishing limits suggested
  226. Seafood in Schools coordinators in training
  227. Swell artist shows true colours
  228. Falfish employees honoured for long service
  229. Fish groups urged to get in early on new legislation proposals
  230. Aquaculture and fisheries consultation
  231. Search for missing fishermen
  232. English fishermen frustrated at levels of bureaucracy
  233. Norway rejects Russian demands on Svalbard fishing inspections
  234. Fisherman’s federation decries press “distortion”
  235. Man's body recovered from the sea off Clare Island.
  236. Amity succesfully completes SFF onboard support scheme
  237. Fish and chip shops vie to become UK's regional best
  238. NOAA appoints new director of Habitat Conservation
  239. Super trawler concerns Down Under
  240. Sole traders certified
  241. Fishermen let down by Devon decision
  242. Euro crisis 'risk' to Scottish shellfish sales
  243. Fishing a victim of double standards - claim
  244. ‘take illegal seafood off the menu’ caterers urged
  245. Faroese fishery certified
  246. Space for Scots at ESE
  247. Lifeboat launched after reports of boat on fire in North Sea
  248. Faroe Islands' cod and haddock achieves MSC certification
  249. Cod and haddock demand 'exceeds UK sea supply'
  250. Discarding fish on a Norwegian trawler , something they claim doesn't happen