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  1. New Directions at Gael Force
  2. Scot gov: Way ahead for inshore fishing
  3. Memorial day for 6,000 Hull trawlermen
  4. man missing of co down fishing boat
  5. Seafish invites applicants for feasibility study into bulk uses for discarded fish
  6. New approach to marine conservation zones lined up
  7. Danish fishing dismay at Greenpeace acquittal
  8. Teignmouth trawler, Girl Rona capsizes.
  9. Guernsey States to debate fishing limit plans
  10. Problems at Fraserburgh harbour
  11. Police divers join search for fisherman missing for four days
  12. Fishing crew rescued after hitting another boat
  13. Seafish update – industry meetings moved
  14. Independent scotland would have less clout claim fishing leaders
  15. Coveney opens public consultation process on how to harness ireland's ocean wealth
  16. Irish Trawler Ludovic Geoffray taking on water
  17. Belgian fisherman missing off north Devon sparks search
  18. tv program toughest place to be a fisherman
  19. Royal Navy nets record £8000 catch of the Day
  20. Marine insurance alliance
  21. Barra fishermen march on Holyrood in conservation row
  22. Guernsey's fishermen miss out on EU safety grant
  23. Grimsby Fish Market prepares for new era
  24. EFF grants made available via MMO in England for safety stop valves
  25. Review of Seafish guidance on potting rollers
  26. NFFO reveals action plan
  27. Fisherman airlifted from Ullapool to Inverness hospital
  28. Cornish MP hopes husband's death highlights sea safety
  29. Overfishing 'costs EU £2.7bn each year'
  30. University of East Anglia research reveals why fishermen keep fishing
  31. Coveney on irish sea trawler to view new discard reduction net
  32. Skills Boost for Cornwall and Devon Fishing Industry
  33. Missing crewmen from ship in Stanley Harbour alive and well
  34. Falkland Islands Fishing Company Chair condemns Argentina...
  35. Call for fishing cooperation as Argentina destroys species
  36. Argentina's eco-terrorism will not hurt the Falklands only the ocean
  37. Food Certification International certifies first ever Spanish fishery
  38. Divide and Distract
  39. Fishing and maritime economy at risk - Damanaki
  40. Jensen to Design One of the World's Largest Commercial Longliner Fishing Vessels
  41. Dalgety Bay seafood to be sampled after radioactive items found
  42. Can anybody help?
  43. Baltimore Lifeboat
  44. Big Honour for Site Member!
  45. old trawler programme
  46. West coast fishing ports included in SNH MPA search
  47. The claws are out! 27lb monster lobster
  48. Appeal for aid for fishermen in Sierra Leone.
  49. Fisherman dies 'going after boat' off the Kent coast
  50. Village fishing industry at risk from renewables drive, MEP warns
  51. Fishing minister visits west cornwall
  52. Coveney attends irish skipper expo, galway
  53. Last chance to appeal against quota realignment
  54. McGrigor visits Peterhead
  55. BIM to deliver €1.5 million to Irish fishing industry
  56. Seafish invites attendance at a ‘discussion with industry’ meeting in Edinburgh
  57. Scottish Conservatives fisheries spokesman takes on board fishing concerns
  58. 1.5 million Euros for Irish fishing industry
  59. Facebook
  60. Snivelling little hypocrites !!! : Greenpeace
  61. Scots Fisheries Secretary to open ‘Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo’
  62. Seafood in Schools Project goes nationwide!
  63. Reflections on the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  64. MAIB release report on death of Latvian fisherman
  65. Anglesey Sea Bass Wows Oxford Street Shoppers
  66. Macduff Shipyards Ltd - YD653 "Crystal Dawn"
  67. Man rescued after boat sinks in waters near Plymouth
  68. Body recovered from Fraserburgh Harbour
  69. IFG liason vacancy
  70. Trawler fined in Torquay
  71. Fishing fines for Teignmouth couple
  72. Photo opportunity tonight at 8pm on at Fraserburgh harbour
  73. £2.2 million for Aberdeenshire fisheries
  74. new net maker/supplier!!!!
  75. Double landmarks for Glasgow event
  76. Lewis children to learn about fish
  77. Stevenson seeks radical EFF overhaul
  78. Humble wooden fishing boat from Scotland to make her mark on Queen Elizabeth II’s
  79. Damanaki to take illegal fishing campaign to Rio
  80. Shetland’s world-leading sustainable seafood hailed by Fisheries Secretary
  81. Alex Fergusson makes Solway cockle poacher action call
  82. Major blaze hits fish merchants at Sandend in Aberdeenshire
  83. Expansion for Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group as it announces plans to move to new
  84. Snapper skipper fined
  85. French vessel fined
  86. Rescuers search for missing diver off Orkney
  87. New TV series about the fishing
  88. Injured fisherman from Shamariah flown to hospital in Orkney
  89. A million reasons to celebrate in North Devon
  90. Saithe proving elusive
  91. Lifeboat rescue for overboard trawlerman in Irish Sea
  92. Rescue after boat strikes rocks off Muck
  93. How herring could prove a hit in Brazil
  94. BIM invests in fishermen of the future
  95. EU accused of plundering African waters
  96. Strong exhibitor presence and great events programme
  97. Grant-aid allows young Irish fishermen to buy their own boats
  98. WFC to be fishermen’s friend
  99. Anglers blamed for wild salmon collapse
  100. Seafish Outlines Future as Landmark Discussions Complete
  101. Norway's latest MSC certification means that nearly three quarters of Norway’s fish
  102. Anglesey Aquaculture enjoys successful debut
  103. Armstrong requests Scottish action plan
  104. NFFO’s executive discussions
  105. Scottish North Sea Nephrops withdraw from MSC process
  106. Funding for fish science projects
  107. EU fleet accused of massive mismanagement
  108. Fraserburgh boat crew honoured after rescuing Renown crewmate
  109. Broch Lifeboat launched to help ill crewman
  110. OCEANA blasts DANISH government approval of DESTRUCTIVE mussel DREDGING in MPAs
  111. Japanese boat washed away in tsunami spotted more than a year later
  112. Military jamming of GPS likely in Scotland during Joint Warrior exercise
  113. Boost for shetland fisheries research
  114. Birds Eye may be put up for sale
  115. Fishstock Brixham Jim Portus Winner Heritage Crafts Association Awards for Volunteer
  116. Marine safety risks over tug cover
  117. Cabinet secretary and director of marine scotland visit nafc
  118. UK Fisheries Economic Network Brings Together National Experts
  119. Marine boost for Mull
  120. Damanaki to support spatial planning
  121. Guernsey fisherman jailed for drug dealing
  122. New era and new factory for Grimsby fish merchant company
  123. Oceana seeks 30 Med MPAs
  124. Grimsby Seafood Village confident of completion after problems with builders
  125. Concern for UK Under-10 metre fleet
  126. Grampian Police are appealing for witnesses
  127. Scottish exports boosted by seafood
  128. New board for Seafish
  129. Shark protection measures an eu first
  130. Dates for this years JOINT WARRIOR military exercise including GPS jamming
  131. French vessel arrested in Freetown
  132. Iceland's largest fishing company hits back after raid on offices
  133. New UK marine plan areas to be announced
  134. Dai lorry from Wales
  135. Grey Seals in Baltic Sea Consume as Much Fish as the Fishing Industry Catches
  136. SFF helps to host politicians at Peterhead
  137. Fish plentiful and reasonably priced this Easter
  138. Red letter day for Irish herring
  139. Government apologises to Cod War trawlermen
  140. M & M to the rescue in Fishguard
  141. Day pass available for World Fisheries Congress
  142. Aberdeen launches EFF programme
  143. Trawling Lights - Old Style
  144. Important notice from the MMO today for all vessel owners/licence holders:
  145. MPAC challenges scientific and legal basis of No Take Zones
  146. Irish Sea sense
  147. Five creel boat fishermen towed to safety off Shetland
  148. Fish quota for sale
  149. Offshore 27 boat
  150. Huge explosion as experts detonate large WWII mine
  151. Tests to see if North Sea gas leak has impacted on fish stocks
  152. Elgin North Sea gas leak fish 'untainted'
  153. Faroese blue whiting season underway
  154. Morrisons appoints Grimsby firm as main contrator for fish project
  155. Successful trial dramatically reduces ‘discards’
  156. Crew picked up west of Stromness
  157. The WWF’s Vast Pool of Oil Money
  158. Off-shore energy could be counterproductive
  159. New report exposes damaging problems with mismanaged fisheries in Baltic Sea
  160. Increased Costs at the 5 Main Irish Fishing Ports
  161. Trawler taking on water..
  162. Shetland fisherman Neil Smith Fatal Accident Inquiry under way
  163. SEAT interns to join Scots MEP for Brussels aquaculture insights
  164. Seafish publishes comprehensive review......
  165. Irish minister for agriculture, food and the marine....
  166. No takers for No Take Zone anomalies
  167. Black fish firm Shetland Catch left 'out of pocket'
  168. Fishing boat nets suspected mine near Skye Bridge
  169. Value of Scottish fishing hauls reach ten-year record high
  170. Shetland fisherman Neil Smith Fatal Accident Inquiry 'unlikely to explain death'
  171. SFF welcomes increase in value of fish landings but warns figures mask underlying ..
  172. Spanish government pledges to allocate EUR 75 million to sustainable fisheries
  173. Fishwives Choir set up in aid of Fishermen's Mission charity
  174. IMP confirms large numbers of cod in Lofoten
  175. Macduff Shellfish launches new branded retail products for the French market
  176. Fisherman Joseph Watt's Victoria Cross sold for £204,000 at Spink auction
  177. MSC rejects overfishing claim
  178. Conservation zones loom for Welsh seas
  179. French cod and haddock reach sustainable standard
  180. 'Torpedo' caught by Clyde fishing boat
  181. Fishing boat struck by lightning off Ramsgate
  182. Two rescued after fishing vessel sinks
  183. Vital week for scottish fisheries
  184. UK fisheries minister to speak to SAGB annual conference
  185. Iceland may raise cod quota to 200,000 tons
  186. Fuel subsidies for fishing fleet under attack
  187. Ireland targets China with boarfish
  188. Today UKAFPO released this statement
  189. Fisherman missing off Connemara Coast.
  190. Peterhead skipper receives top award
  191. Cod dominates minister’s dinner with Anifpo
  192. Faroes saithe fishery bids for MSC approval
  193. Fishing surprise at latest West Scotland and N. Sea saithe assessments
  194. Maximising seafood exports
  195. Scottish Pelagic Industry achieves sustainability award
  196. Marine Conservation Zone Project Wales consultation: Gwynedd fishermen unhappy
  197. Plans lodged for major offshore wind farm in Moray Firth
  198. Popular ex skipper retires as Kingfisher Manager
  199. £480k bid to boost seafood exports
  200. Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth fishing boat Lydia Eva takes passengers
  201. Spanish fishing practices slammed by twin probe
  202. Todays Examiner.
  203. Family pay for new £1.5m lifeboat in Skegness, Lincolnshire
  204. Study shows fisheries council irresponsibility led to collapse of north sea cod
  205. Buyer beware as imported "imposter fish" still at large
  206. Boost for herring sustainability
  207. Lerwick landings slump
  208. Crewmen on manslaughter charge over crash near Alderney
  209. Minister coveney opens €39.5 million pier development
  210. Seafood village opening only three weeks away
  211. New trawl design approved
  212. Skipper Expo International Aberdeen 2012‏
  213. Vónin Takes Foothold in Denmark
  214. New calls to ban scallop dredging off Yorks coast
  215. Does foreign vessel entitlement go on forever?
  216. Guga tasting offered at Scotland's Festival of Museums
  217. Fishing regeneration begins in west of Isle of Man
  218. Ongoing discards debate boosts take-up of gear technology
  219. New recruit Sheryl already making her mark at SFF Services
  220. Young's Seafood Limited Reiterates Support for Moves to Tackle Discards
  221. Video vindicates gear technology
  222. Sustainable fisheries fund launched
  223. Fraserburgh fish firm hopes to create 30 new jobs
  224. Super Caley goes domestic
  225. Whiting season draws to an end
  226. Suffolk pair fined for fishery offences
  227. Seafish throws the spotlight on key issues at World Fisheries Congress
  228. Ireland offers free fishing
  229. MSC takes lead role at Edinburgh Conference
  230. Prince Charles addresses World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh
  231. Ferry engineer wins legal battle against taxman over seafarer concessions
  232. 500 Icelandic trawlermen protest at fisheries reform bill
  233. Ocean Safety appoints new Sales Office Manager
  234. Winning schools make a splash at world fisheries congress
  235. Fishing ban in Dalgety Bay over radiation fear
  236. Culdrose Fliers Rescue Injured Fisherman in Worsening Channel Weather
  237. Call for those involved in the seas to work closer together
  238. Johannes
  239. New RNLI crew in action hours after made operational
  240. Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson 'arrested in Germany'
  241. ‘25,000 tonnes of baitfish’ for pole-and-line fisheries
  242. Tyne and 771 Combine to Rescue Injured Fisherman
  243. CEO of Seafood Scotland moves to new role in Seafish
  244. First oyster fishery to be given MSC certification
  245. W. Eves launches new state-of-the-art fuelling facilities at whitby pier
  246. Waterjet cutting of fish under x-ray guidance
  247. Kirkcudbright lifeboat goes to fishing vessel's aid
  248. Fishermen bid to get detailed mapping for wind farms
  249. Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society launches maritime art competition
  250. Scientists probe threat to Scottish coral